5 “Perfect Combination” In Beverages With Nutritional Ingredients Are Launched

Beverages With Nutritional Ingredients

5 “Perfect Combination” In Beverages With Nutritional Ingredients Are Launched


On February 14, the new vitamin C probiotic yogurt was launched on Yoplait.

The new formula uses a 100% raw milk source and, at the same time, adds Brazilian acerola cherry powder rich in vitamin C and 300 billion active probiotics. The new product contains real orange puree fruit pieces, and the formula is pure without adding gelatin, coloring, and other ingredients.

Nutri Avenue Opinion: Yogurt products + c vitamin meet the current needs of people who want to improve immunity.

Pic Source: Yoplait

Dr. Innerplus

On February 11, Dr. Innerplus, a functional food brand under Freda, launched a new whitening fairy drink named “Yaobai TMHA White Crystal Tomato High Purity Niacinamide Niacinamide Drink.”

According to the official introduction, each bottle of this product contains 35mg of non-GMO white crystal tomato and 400ug of high-purity niacinamide. It is also formulated with astaxanthin, Emblica seed, Guanshan cherry blossom, hyaluronic acid, and other beneficial ingredients to the skin. The main selling point is whitening.

Nutri Avenue Opinion: Compared with similar products already on the market. This product adds more raw materials, such as Guanshan cherry blossoms and astaxanthin, which is a highlight.

Pic Source: Dr.Innerplus


On February 15, a new “Oat Protein Cereal Bar” was released on ffit8. The new product contains five-grain ingredients, including oats, quinoa, whole wheat, corn, and barley. Each cereal bar contains 50% added cereal products, rich in 12.5% dietary fiber, about 96kcal of calories, 0 added white sugar, 0 trans fatty acids, and 0 added coloring, and can be used for breakfast.

Nutri Avenue Opinion: “Three Wheat + Two Rice” is full and nutritious, a healthy choice for weight managers.

Pic Source: ffit8

Guangming Group

On February 15, Changyou, a subsidiary of Guangming, launched a new “zero belly burden” yogurt.

According to the official introduction, this new product has added 4 kinds of active lactic acid bacteria, one of which is Lactobacillus Plantarum ST-Ⅲ, a unique patented strain of Guangming, which claims to guarantee the vitality of the strain. Three prebiotics, 0 added sucrose.

Nutri Avenue Opinion: No burden is covering more product types.

Guangming Group
Pic Source: Guangming Group


On February 13, KFC announced the launch of a new hot drink product, “Warm Heart Three Black Goji Berry Oatmeal Drink.”

According to the official introduction, the three-black formula of the drink is made of Caiyunzhinan black rice, black sesame seeds by Poyang Lake, and Northeast Blackland black beans. It is rich in nutrients and uses plant-based oat milk with 0 trans fatty acids, which has a mellow taste.

Nutri Avenue Opinion: Did “Grandpa KFC” also begin to pay attention to health?

Pic Source: KFC

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