New Functional Food Products in 2022: Future Trend

New Functional Food Products in 2022 Future Trend

New Functional Food Products in 2022: Future Trend

In contemporary society, more and more fresh food terms can be heard, such as functional coffee, prebiotic bread, functional potato chips, probiotic protein bars, cookies, and so on.

In 2022, the pace of product innovation has not stopped, and many new products have come to people, many of which are delicious and fun. Of course, there are also products related to people’s health benefits, so what health tracks are brands targeting? What new ideas are there in product creation?

2022 New Functional Products You Are Worth Choosing

Nutri Avenue has collected the following 30 new products launching globally in 2022:

  • Classy-Kiss – Prune and Apple Flavored Children’s Yogurt

Emphasis on high-quality fruit puree instead of jam, no additional sucrose. Contains only raw milk, lactic acid bacteria, and pruned apple blackberry puree.

  • Wonder lab – Wonder4liver

This product is fortified with L-glutathione powder, cystine, and bulk lipoic acid powder and contains 80mg of silibinin. It can effectively stimulate the biosynthesis of proteins in liver cells, thereby promoting the repair of damaged liver cells.

Wonder lab
Picture from Foodtalks
  • LEPUR – Pure Milk

The ingredients list shows that there is nothing added except pure milk. The milk protein is as high as 4.5g/100g, which has a high nutritional value.

  •  HerbeMagic – Herbal Magic Reishi Black Coffee

The main ingredients are:

  1. Ganoderma Lucidum and coffee.
  2. Using -40 ℃ ultra-low temperature freeze-drying technology to lock freshness, with 0 sugar, 0 fat.
  3. 0 additives.
  • Want Want – YA-MI Shredded Bread

YA-MI Shredded Bread selects wheat, adds prebiotics, and has balanced nutrition.

  • Pepsi – Rockstar Energy Drink

The new product adds extra ingredients such as coconut water, collagen, and vitamin C and is currently available in pineapple leaf and mango lemon flavors.

  • Dole – Dole Boosted Blends Berry Spark

This product contains a blend of blueberries, bananas, blackberries, black cherries, acai, and flax, plus vitamin C and dietary fiber for memory and concentration benefits.

  • Oatly – “Wheat Ripe” Oatmeal

This product contains 0 sucrose, 0 lactose, and 0 trans fat. Each bag is made with 45% oat juice and is rich in dietary fiber.

  • Dina Foods – Tannour

Tannour is suitable for vegetarians. The product belongs low in sugar and contains no artificial colors or flavors. And rich in vitamin D and protein, mainly for nutritional and immune needs.

  • GENKIFOREST – Cola Flavored Sparkling Water

The sparkling water is sweetened with erythritol, without aspartame and acesulfame potassium. No preservatives such as potassium sorbate and sodium benzoate are added, and 0 sugar, 0 calories, and 0 fat are adhered to.

  • Arla Foods Ingredients – High Protein Drinks

Arla Foods Ingredients has launched two high-protein drinks: a ready-to-drink (RTD) drink with 7% protein and a protein drink with 21%. Both drinks use a new protein ingredient: Lacprodan BLG-100.

Arla Foods Ingredients
Picture from Arla Foods Ingredients
  • Dr. Cheese – One Piece per Meal™ High-Nutrition Cheese Slices

There are two flavors, tomato, and avocado. Cheese slices contain 17.9g of native protein, 578mg of native calcium, and 0g of sugar per 100g.

  • Minayo

1. Blue Hat VC Gummy

Blue Hat VC Gummy is a sugar-free formula, low-calorie sugar control, and rich in vitamin C.

2. Raw Coconut Calcium Vitamin D3 Gummies

The calories of 2 gummies are less than 30 kcal, and they contain three repetitive components: 300mg calcium + 144mg phosphorus + 160IU vitamin D3, suitable for calcium supplementation for the whole population, healthy calcium supplementation without stress.

Picture from Brandstar
  • Kellogg’s – RXBAR Nutrition Bars

The new bar contains the following things: dates, egg whites, almonds, cashews, chocolate chunks, and cinnamon spice. And each RXBAR Nutrition Bar contains 12 grams of protein and no added sugar.

  • UCC – UCS Unsweetened Black Coffee

This product is made from Arabica coffee beans. Each bottle of coffee is added with 10 billion LAC-Shield lactic acid bacteria, 0 sugar, 0 fat, and no fragrance.

  • Myprotein&Perfect Day – Whey Forward

It is made with Perfect Day’s animal-free whey protein and has the same nutrition, taste, and texture as traditional whey protein. There are currently three flavors: Mint Chocolate, Salted Caramel, and Chocolate Brownie.

  • Mindright – Functional Potato Chips

The chips feature the brand’s signature brain-boosting formula and are grain- and gluten-free.

Picture from Foodtalks
  • Brave – Super Hoops

This product is made with pea protein, chickpea flour, and chicory. Supper Hoops provides 34 grams of protein, 1.8 grams of natural sugars, 15 grams of fiber, and 23 grams of net carbohydrates per 100 grams.

  • Laird Superfood – Plant Protein Flakes

This product contains Chaga and Hericium Erinaceus extracts and is free of gluten, dairy, soy, or whey, and no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives.

  • Country Crock – Plant-Based Heavy Cream

29% less saturated fat than regular cream. Soy-free and certified plant-based.

  • MIOK – Non-Alcoholic Lactobacillus Beverage

The ingredients include whey protein powder WPC34, BB-12 Bifidobacterium Lactis, lactic acid bacteria, and other probiotics. It has the effect of enhancing resistance and relieving belching and bloating.

  • YouYi C – Beneficial Probiotic Solid Drink

This probiotic solid drink is added with 3 Chinese patented strains, and each serving contains 100 billion high-multiple compound probiotics with strong activity.

  • Vital Proteins – Lemon Flavored Collagen Peptides

Each serving contains 20g of collagen peptides and 0 sugar.

  • Potato Set – Umami Enchantment Plant Nutrient Puree

This product uses the dual nutrition of pea protein and potato protein. The protein content of each 100g nutritional mud is as high as 12.3g, and the dietary fiber content is as high as 9g.

  • Wonderlab

1. Dietary fiber fruit extract powder

Contains five-color fruits and vegetables with different nutrients and a pure formula with 0 additions to meet the needs of human dietary fiber.

2. Lutein Esters Fudge

Each capsule contains 3 mg of lutein esters and 0.6 mg of zeaxanthin in a golden 5:1 ratio.

  • Larry & Lenny’s – Probiotic Protein Bars

Protein bars consist of wafer cookies with a cream filling and a chocolate coating. Each protein bar contains 17 grams of protein and 2 grams of sugar.

Larry & Lenny's
  • Ripple Foods – Oatmilk+Protein

This product is gluten-free, 100% vegan, and fortified with pea protein. Contains 6g of plant protein per serving, 50% less sugar than regular milk, but 50% more calcium.

  • Beihai Ranch – “Yi Ri Fen Qi Se” Series

The ingredients are 100% raw milk source, 0 sucrose, and 0 trans fatty acids. Each bottle of probiotic drink contains 300 billion live lactic acid bacteria and VC greater than one lemon.

Mainstream: Protein Supplements

Wide variety of protein supplement products

It can be seen from the products mentioned above that protein supplementation is the hot direction of many products this year. From pure milk to high-protein beverages, to nutrition bars including a variety of raw materials, to high-protein breakfast oatmeal, vegetable protein flats, and even vegetable nutrition purees, etc., they are all high-protein, and the product category is vibrant.

functional foods products

Plant protein is more popular

Among them, there are also many articles on protein sources, which can be divided into three categories: vegetable protein, animal protein, and animal-free whey protein derived from synthetic biology. Among these three categories, vegetable protein is the most popular, whether it is Super Hoops, the plant nutrition puree of the potato set, or Oatmilk+Protein, both use plant protein, and the sources are mainly pea protein, chickpea protein, and potato protein.

Daily product, more subdivided

In terms of product form, it can be seen that protein supplement products have become more and more routine, from well-known nutritional bars, protein bars, milk, etc., to today’s oatmeal, nutritional puree, cheese slices, etc. People’s daily breakfast, lunch, and subdivided food categories.

Emphasis on protein content, 0 sugar trend is highlighted

Without exception, all protein products focus on the rich protein content of the product. Take the plant nutrition puree launched by Tudouji as an example. It said that the protein content of every 100g of nutritional puree is as high as 12.3g; Super Hoops also claims that per 100g contains 34g of protein in their products.

The trend towards zero and low sugar is also becoming a trend in this category. Tannour products launched by Dina Foods have low-sugar properties; Dr. Cheese’s One Piece™ High-Nutrition Cheese Chips also claim to be 0 sugar; Super Hoops lowers the glycemic index by reducing added sugar and carbohydrates.

Plant protein is a global hit

With the improvement of people’s health awareness, plant protein has become popular in the world in recent years, among which pea protein is leading the new trend. Merit Functional Foods has developed a high-purity pea protein called Peazazz C. This pea protein can be used in RTD plant protein beverages to achieve a smooth, grit-free texture. It also supports low sodium requirements in high-protein product formulations, providing a healthier plant-based protein option.

Chickpea protein is a newcomer to the plant protein market. It is a non-allergenic and neutral-tasting food material, and it is also rich in unsaturated fatty acids and many essential amino acids. Currently, the global suppliers of chickpea protein are mainly concentrated in Israel and the United States. In addition, chickpeas are ideal for formulating dairy products because of their excellent functionality, water absorption, liposuction, and emulsifying properties.

In addition to vegetable proteins, there are dairy proteins and synthetic proteins. Milk protein has always been widely used in milk products and can help people of different ages to supplement protein. It is one of the mainstream choices for consumers to supplement protein. Animal-free whey protein derived from synthetic biology is also increasingly used in products because it has the same nutrition, taste, and texture as traditional whey protein.

Health Attributes: Zoom Further

In recent years, the market for functional food has grown rapidly, and the product direction has also been constantly evolving. It has extended from soft candy, tablet candy, biscuits, etc., to a broader range of food types. Coffee, bread, and potato chips are one of the representative directions this year.

functional foods for eyes

Functional Coffee is on The Rise

Coffee is now essential in everyday life, so it has become a new trend in the functional food track this year. Herbal Magic was launched in March this year-Ganoderma Lucidum black coffee, mainly for coffee lovers who stay up late, body management, fitness habits, claims that through the -40℃ ultra-low temperature freeze-drying technology, the coffee powder can be dissolved in 3 seconds, to achieve a better fusion of black coffee and Ganoderma Lucidum flavors.

The idea of ​​UCC is black coffee + lactic acid bacteria. The UCC sugar-free black coffee launched by UCC claims to add 10 billion LAC-Shield lactic acid bacteria per bottle.

It is worth mentioning that both coffees feature 0 sugar and 0 fat.

Functional Snacks: Bread + Potato Chips + Smoothies

The track is more subdivided.

The category of functional snacks is constantly expanding, and this year has come to bread and potato chips. Want Want’s YA-MI hand-shredded bread is added with prebiotics, focusing on balanced nutrition; Mindright’s functional potato chips are produced with a “brain-boosting formula.”

Even smoothies are getting a new twist, with Dole’s functional smoothies fortified with vitamin C and dietary fiber that are good for concentration.

Probiotics & Prebiotics Remain Hot: Focus on Gut Health

Probiotics and prebiotics are highly recognized in the consumer market and are still very popular. The categories involve bread, coffee, beverages, protein bars, etc. Want Want’s bread with added prebiotics and UCC’s black coffee + lactic acid bacteria are both relatively new directions. Beverages and solid beverages, one of the main directions of two probiotic products, are still hot spots this year. It is worth mentioning that MIOK combines whey protein and probiotics; probiotic protein bars add probiotics to protein bars.

functional products for gut health

What Have Other New Tracks Been Excavated?

Lutein ester products that are good for eye care have also become a new trend this year. WonderLab has launched a lutein ester sandwich gummy. This product claims to contain 3 mg of lutein ester and 0.6 mg of zeaxanthin.

In addition, the new products of the oral beauty track are still mainly based on the addition of collagen peptides.


Overall, the new products launched this year do not have many breakthroughs and innovations in raw materials, craftsmanship, and functions, which may be limited by the supply chain and offline communication brought about by the epidemic.

Secondly, in the application dimension, it can be seen that the application track of healthy ingredients is constantly expanding, moving towards more daily and subdivided categories, mainly on the broad coffee track, Ganoderma Lucidum + coffee, lactic acid bacteria + coffee is only one of the ways to play, there are many ways to integrate.

In addition, new product types are sprouting, such as lutein ester products; and some companies are also playing new tricks on the old track, such as plant nutrition mud, prebiotic bread, etc.

2022 has entered the second half. Under the circumstance that the epidemic restrictions and the international situation are more complicated, the opportunities and challenges of functional food co-exist. The consumption frequency of food types such as oatmeal is much higher than that of ordinary health and health care products, which contains business opportunities.

new functional products for health

More Saying

After reading this article, if you want to create some new functional foods to keep up with the trend, you must need plentiful ingredients.

Nutri Avenue must be your best choice. Here is a simple introduction. Nutri Avenue is an FDA-registered supplier that offers various ingredients, such as strontium citrate for hair loss, agmatine sulfate for brain health, black ant extract for muscle growth, etc. And all these products are recognized by entities like Kosher, Halal, and GMP. Welcome to our official website and get a quote. Our team is always waiting for you and provides the best service to help you get what you want.

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