Nicotiana Tabacum extract: A Misperceived Essential Medicinal Plant

Nicotiana Tabacum extract

Nicotiana Tabacum extract: A Misperceived Essential Medicinal Plant

With the overwhelming medical publications on the dangerous effects of smoking, the tobacco plant has been out of the picture of healthy medicinal herbs. It should not be forgotten, however, that many health benefits may be derived from Nicotiana Tabacum extract as it contains tons of essential nutrients which promote overall wellness. Nicotiana Tabacum extract has been mentioned in several early writings in Ayurvedic medicine. It has also been used as an important component in various traditional medical cultures. Today, despite the notion that it can be dangerous due to the fact that it can cause heart ailments and several forms of cancer, health supplement manufacturers include Nicotiana Tabacum extract in their formulations as it can provide a wide range of health benefits. It must, however, be taken only within relatively small doses.

What is Nicotiana Tabacum extract?

Nicotiana Tabacum generally refers to various species of Tobacco. In the field of alternative medicine, Nicotiana Tabacum extract is shown to have been used in the early days for its stimulant effects. It is also used culturally among men before going to battles. Although large quantities of Nicotiana Tabacum extract may cause cancer, recent studies show that relatively small doses of the extract may be useful in preventing the disease. Researches have shown thathair, according to certain researches. It is also believed that relative doses of Nicotiana Tabacum extract may be useful in neuroprotection, thereby preventing rapid deterioration of brain cells cause by stress.

Health benefits of using Nicotiana Tabacum extract

Small doses of Nicotiana Tabacum extract is believed to provide many health benefits including the following:

  • It may help treat depression

Depression is a condition which affects individuals of all ages. Although it can be treated with psychological therapies, it is also shown to be treated with Nicotiana Tabacum extract supplementation. This is believed to be brought about by the extract’s Nicotine content. Nicotine patches have long been shown to significantly improve mood among depressive patients.

  • It may promote hair growth

Even in Ayurvedic era, Nicotiana Tabacum has been used, in combination with coconut oil, to promote hair growth. Today, experts have found that some compounds in the extract effectively enhance hair growth. Some researchers also say that Nicotiana Tabacum extract may be useful in treating dandruff.

  • It may treat skin infections

Dermatitis and other skin infections may also be treated with Nicotiana Tabacum extract supplementation, as observed in several clinical researches. It may be applied topically or orally for this purpose. It may also be used to ease out burns and other skin conditions caused by various factors.


Nicotiana Tabacum extract may not be accepted at first as a potential health supplement ingredient but it is very beneficial, contrary to how it has long been perceived. It is safe for use among individuals.

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