No More Menopause Nightmares with Red Clover Extract

Red Clover Extract

No More Menopause Nightmares with Red Clover Extract

Menopause attacks women in various degrees. While some may experience serious and debilitating symptoms, others may find the condition as a mere set of mild symptoms. In all cases, however, supplementation of Red Clover Extract, a well-known natural treatment for menopausal symptoms, is highly advised, according to experts. Although the exact pharmacodynamic effects of Red Clover Extract remains a mystery to date, several experts believe that the extract may enhance hormonal balance among menopausal women as efficiently as hormone replacement therapy without causing dangerous adverse effects. There are many other health benefits associated with Red Clover Extract which is the reason why it has become one of the top choices for health supplement formulations.

What is Red Clover Extract?

Red clover is an herbaceous flowering plant native in Europe and other areas of Asia and Africa. Its flowers are mostly used in the development of medications as it is shown to yield highest amounts of essential nutrients. Red Clover Extract is believed to be among the richest source of isoflavone, a type of compound which primarily works in the elimination of toxins in the body as well as in the maintenance of hormonal equilibrium. There are no side effects or adverse effects associated with the use of Red Clover Extract within recommended doses but when taken in high amounts, it may cause headaches and other unlikely side effects.

What are the benefits of using Red Clover Extract?

Women in the middle adulthood stage are highly advised to take Red Clover Extract supplements to help establish a good hormonal balance before the onset of the menopausal age. The following are some other benefits of using Red Clover Extract as established in clinical studies:

  • It may prevent osteoporosis

Menopause is almost always associated with a reduction in bone mass which eventually leads to development of osteoporosis and other bone demineralization conditions. Studies show that by promoting hormonal balance, thereby preventing complications of menopause, Red Clover Extract may effectively help prevent osteoporosis and loss of bone mass. Red Clover Extract also helps increase mineral reserves in the bones by preventing their release in the blood.

  • It may prevent cancer

There are also theories developed under certain scientific researches that Red Clover Extract may help control estrogen-dependent cancers which include uterine cancer, ovarian cancer and other reproductive system cancers among women. Since the extract contains high amounts of antioxidants, it is also believed to prevent cancer by helping in the elimination of circulating free radicals in the blood and body cells.

  • It lowers cholesterol levels

The effects of Red Clover Extract in reducing cholesterol levels, thereby preventing progression of various modern living conditions such as atherosclerosis and Diabetes Mellitus is also among the most important concentrations of studies in the field of health science. There are no exact explanations, however, on how Red Clover Extract lowers cholesterol levels.


The health benefits of using Red Clover Extract are not yet fully explored. With modern methods in healthcare study, it is believed that more of the benefits of using Red Clover Extract will be discovered in the near future.

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