Novel Weight Loss through 1,3,7,8- Tetramethylxanthine

1,3,7,8- Tetramethylxanthine

Novel Weight Loss through 1,3,7,8- Tetramethylxanthine

Herbal remedies for excessive weight have long been proven to be the safest mode as they are not associated with any dangerous side effect which can even cause morbidity and mortality. For thousands of years, individuals have been taking coffee for its potential weight loss effects but in one given study, experts found that another compound which has almost similar molecular structures as caffeine in coffee can also provide fat loss benefits without resultant stimulating effects. The compound is commonly known as 1,3,7,8- Tetramethylxanthine. Since the discovery of its similarity in molecular structure with caffeine, studies on the compound 1,3,7,8- Tetramethylxanthine began to determine its potential health benefits. Today, it is included in major dietary supplements used mostly for purposes of fat loss.

What is 1,3,7,8- Tetramethylxanthine?

The compound 1,3,7,8- Tetramethylxanthine is a typical irritant in very high doses but a potent supplement ingredient in regulated amounts. It may be extracted from plant sources but due to high demands, 1,3,7,8- Tetramethylxanthine is now developed under laboratory procedures through derivation procedures. The compound is believed to work in various organ systems in the body including the cardiovascular and metabolic systems. Some experts say that it may also stimulate certain nervous system functions, although such claim is not yet substantiated.

Health benefits of using 1,3,7,8- Tetramethylxanthine supplements

While some individuals think that 1,3,7,8- Tetramethylxanthine is similar as caffeine, it was made clear in one study that they vary at some points. As to health benefits, however, both compounds are almost similar. The following are among the health benefits of using 1,3,7,8- Tetramethylxanthine:

  • It may increase energy levels

Taking 1,3,7,8- Tetramethylxanthine within recommended doses is proven to increase energy levels as the compound promotes breakdown of fats in the subcutaneous layers of the body and convert them into glucose for use by cells. Adequate glucose supply in body cells provides enough sources for energy to perform activities of daily living without causing fatigue. Individuals who are under stress and pressure are advised to take 1,3,7,8- Tetramethylxanthine supplements to treat exhaustion and tiredness.

  • It may treat low blood pressure

A very low blood pressure for a relative period of time is fatal as it may be an indication of a weak cardiovascular conduction system. Experts say that compound like 1,3,7,8- Tetramethylxanthine may increase blood pressure levels by causing vasoconstriction or the narrowing of the passages of the blood vessels. This being a direct effect, however, individuals who are already suffering from hypertension should not take 1,3,7,8- Tetramethylxanthine supplements.

  • It may promote weight loss

The primary effect of using 1,3,7,8- Tetramethylxanthine, as provided in most studies, is that it may promote weight loss. Some experts say that this is made possible by its effects in enhancing metabolism but some other theories are currently being formulated to explain such claim.


It being a newly-discovered health supplement ingredient, limited studies are provided for 1,3,7,8- Tetramethylxanthine. It is classified, however, as a safe compound except for those who are suffering from cardiovascular conditions.

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