Nutri Avenue: Supplement Ingredients Prices Update 12/4

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Nutri Avenue: Supplement Ingredients Prices Update 12/4

Popular Supplement Ingredients Market Trend And Its Prices 12/4-12/10

Recently, the factory has stopped quoting external prices for Vitamin C. The reason is that factories need to be prepared to raise the market price of the ingredient to prevent its price from continuing to fall. This week, VC Powder will continue to be available in small quantities. Its market price is approximately $3.5-4/kg.

This week, the market price of Turmeric Powder Extract 95% Curcumin is $48-54/kg. However, there is feedback from the factory that when the last 300 kg of existing inventory is sold out, the price of this ingredient will be raised. The price is expected to be no less than $50/kg. Customers with relevant needs can take advantage of this week’s low-price opportunities.

After a period of price increases caused by a shortage of raw materials, the market price of Creatine Monohydrate Powder has basically stabilized. Its market price is $10.5-14/kg.

This year, Nutri Avenue noticed that Vine Tea Extract 98% Dihydromyricetin DHM Powder has received high inquiries and market popularity. The main functions of this ingredient are antioxidants, regulating blood sugar and blood lipids, etc. This week, its market price is $65-72/kg.

NADH is one of the popular ingredients in the supplement market. Recently, its market conditions have been stable and popular. This week, its market price is $1,480-1,550/kg. It is worth noting that NADH powder needs to be transported on ice.

NRC Nicotinamide Riboside Chloride is a more stable water-soluble chloride salt of NR. Adding chloride to NR will help improve its bioavailability. Therefore, NR ingredient products on the market basically have chloride added to them, which is NRC powder. The market price of this ingredient has not changed significantly, but market attention is still very high. Its quotation is $128-156/kg.

Due to policy influence, NMN exists as a drug in the United States and cannot be used as a raw material for healthcare products. However, NMN powder can still be used as the main ingredient in NMN supplements-related products in other countries and regions. As a result, the market for this ingredient remains active. There was no significant adjustment in its quotation. The current price is $168-185/kg.

Since the scope of use of NMN Powder in the United States is limited, Nutri Avenue recommends a more effective antioxidant ingredient called L-Ergothioneine. Its market price is $2,800-3,050/kg.

The market for B12 Vitamin Methylcobalamin Pure Powder is stable. This week, the market quotation was updated at $2,050-2,180/kg.

The price of Folic Acid powder has recently remained stable at $27-29.5/kg.

Berberine HCL Granular 97% is quoted at $95.5-102/kg. In mid-December, a new batch of Nutri Avenue inventory will enter our US warehouse.

Green Tea Extract Polyphenols 50% (Camellia Sinensis) generally accept a minimum order of 25kg. The current market price is $9.5-12/kg. The price discount for large quantity orders will be relatively more.

This week, Caffeine Anhydrous’s inventory in the United States is relatively tight. Its market price is $12-14.5/kg.

The market price of L-Theanine powder is $19.8-23.5/kg.

Inulin powder is in high demand in the United States. Products containing this ingredient are relatively recognized in North America. This week, its market price is $6.2-7/kg.

Spermidine Trihydrochloride Powder 98% is $850-1,200/kg.

The market for Alpha Lipoic Acid is stable. Its price in powder form is $46-52/kg. Its price in pellet form is $45-48.5/kg.

Promotional Supplement Ingredients List On Nutri Avenue 12/4-12/10

Every week, we update a list of promotional ingredients. We offer discounted prices on the ingredients on this list. The latest market prices of each ingredient are listed below for reference.

The market price of Phosphatidylserine Powder 50% Soy Sources is $105-110/kg. This week, Nutri Avenue has only the last 100 kg left in stock.

In the United States, Zeaxanthin Powder 10% is around $70/kg. Nutri Avenue currently has a batch of stocks with an earlier production date (shelf life is 5 years). The price quoted will be lower than the market price.

The market quotation of Lutein Powder 20% is basically $50-59/kg.

The market price of L-Glycine powder is $8.5-9.5/kg.

The market price of L-Arginine Base Powder is $8.6-9.25/kg (based on 1,000kg). The market price of Arginine HCL, another form, is $8.8-11/kg.

The market price of L-Valine Powder is $6.5-7.8/kg.

The market price of R-Alpha Lipoic Acid is around $300/kg.

Alpha GPC 50% market price is $46-50/kg.

New Ingredients Recommended By Nutri Avenue

L-Arabinose Sweetener

Since aspartame was added to the list of possible carcinogens by the FDA, a variety of natural and artificial sweeteners have begun to appear on the market. As consumers pay more attention to their own health, they will also pay more attention to the manufacturer’s choice of sweeteners in the ingredients list when choosing related products, such as beverages and chewing gums.

L-Arabinose Sweetener is a new low-calorie sugar option. This ingredient is a food additive and can be used in food and health products. Its effect is weight loss. It also reduces the absorption of sucrose to moisturize the intestines. Currently, its quotation is $8.2-11.5/kg.


In the past week, VC Powder has stopped external quotations to adjust market prices. Turmeric Powder Extract also has momentum to increase its quotes shortly. The current news is that its quotation will not exceed $50/kg. DHM, NRC, etc., have all been popular products recently, and their inquiry volume is large. Inulin powder has a large demand and high recognition in the United States. Due to copyright issues with NMN powder in the United States, we recommend L-Ergothioneine as a substitute for NMN for anti-aging and other markets.

Nutri Avenue will continue to pay attention to the market for various popular products and new niche products. Welcome to our official website every Monday to learn about the latest market information.



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