Nuzhenide: The Potential Insulin Production Enhancer


Nuzhenide: The Potential Insulin Production Enhancer

The treatment measures of Type I and Type II Diabetes Mellitus are mostly similar in many respects but in Type I Diabetes Mellitus, increasing insulin production is the primary goal of the procedural regimen. For the past few decades, the number of individuals suffering from Diabetes Mellitus has been observed to shoot up not only because of unhealthy lifestyle but also because of extreme stress to which many adults of the modern population are exposed to. Aside from lowering blood cholesterol and triglyceride levels to prevent fat accumulation in cellular key receptors and promote absorption of insulin, health practitioners aim to increase insulin levels among Diabetes patients to reduce blood sugar and prevent hyperglycemia side effects. In many recent studies conducted in animals and quantitative researches among humans, it has been established that a compound known as Nuzhenide may have certain effects in increasing insulin production in the pancreas, thereby possibly treating Diabetes Mellitus.

What is Nuzhenide?

Nuzhenide is a secoiridoid glycoside which is isolated from certain plant species including glossy privet. It is classified as an herbal insulin sensitizer claimed to be a natural option for treating underproduction or non-production of insulin in the pancreas. It is mostly indicated for patients suffering from Type I Diabetes as the condition is characterized by lack of insulin. Patients suffering from Type II Diabetes may also use the compound to enhance insulin production. With the many studies showing the potential effects of Nuzhenide, many manufacturers of health supplement products have started to include the compound in their formulations. Not only is Nuzhenide useful among patients who are already diagnosed with full-blown Diabetes Mellitus but it may also be helpful among Pre-diabetic patients and those who are at risk for developing the condition.

What are the other benefits of taking Nuzhenide?

Nuzhenide is often combined with GI3, another secoiridoid glycoside, in the formulation of anti-diabetic health supplements. Aside from preventing and possibly treating Diabetes, Nuzhenide may provide the following health benefits:

  • It may improve blood circulation

Increased sugar in the blood brought about by Diabetes Mellitus results to poor circulation as the blood becomes very thick and viscous. Studies show that the action of Nuzhenide in shifting blood sugar into body cells result to improved circulation in distal portions of the body.

  • It may increase energy levels

With glucose in cells, the body remains energized for long periods of time without experiencing exhaustion and tiredness. This benefit may also apply among athletes.

  • It may prevent multiple organ system damage

Increased blood sugar levels for long period of time result to deterioration of various organs in the body including the kidneys, the liver and the eyes. Experts say that Nuzhenide supplementation may prevent this long-term side effect.


Nuzhenide is not just an alternative treatment measure. It may also be used for preventive purposes. It is generally safe for use.

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