Oat extract: A Nutritional Extract from Avena Sativa

Oat extract

Oat extract: A Nutritional Extract from Avena Sativa

Many practitioners of medicine advise their Diabetic patients to eat oats as their primary source of carbohydrates and morning energy booster. Aside from enhancing wellness without associated side effects, studies have also shown that oat extract may also help reduce cholesterol levels. Reducing blood cholesterol levels before it causes damage to the vascular system and the heart is a very important preventive measure for heart attack and myocardial infarction. It may also be useful for patients who are at high risk for Type II Diabetes Mellitus, which is a condition associated with cholesterol or fat build-up in the cellular receptions for insulin. A single dose of oat extract is packed with essential vitamins and minerals like Vitamin A, B, E, Calcium and Zinc. When taken through health supplements, oat extract is believed to boost overall wellness and prevent diseases.

What is oat extract?

Oat extract is typically derived from the whole-grain food scientifically referred to as Avena Sativa. While the nutrients in oats may be introduced to the body by eating oatmeal as breakfast, experts say that individuals who need higher amounts of oat nutrients may take oat extract supplements. A lot of individuals know that oats, being a rich source of fiber, is good for the digestive system but only a few know that the fiber content and antioxidant component of oat extract is also effective in the prevention of cancer. In recently concluded studies, it has been observed that individuals who have been taking oats during meals have lower risk for cancer development. They are also observed to have higher resistance against disease-causing microorganisms as they have improved immunity. Oat extract supplementation is beneficial not only for adults but also for younger individuals, provided that it is taken with doctor’s recommendation.

What are the benefits of taking oats extract?

Not only will oat extract supplementation prevent serious medical conditions like cancers and diabetes but it may also provide other health benefits like the following:

  • It may reduce anxiety

There is limited understanding on how oat extract supplementation may reduce anxiety and depression but such health claim has already been observed under several quantitative researches. Experts say that the benefit may be associated with the antioxidant content of the extract.

  • It may treat skin conditions

Oat extract is also used in the production of lotions and other skin products as it is shown to treat dermatitis, eczema and other skin diseases. It also moisturizes the skin.

  • It may help control narcotics withdrawal symptoms

Taking oat extract supplements, according to experts, may also contribute in controlling symptoms associated with withdrawal from narcotics and other addictive drugs.


There are almost no side effects associated with the use of whole grain supplements like oat extract but it must be taken within recommended doses only.

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