Olive Leaf extract: Olive Oil’s Better Half

Olive Leaf extract

Olive Leaf extract: Olive Oil’s Better Half

Both alternative and scientific medical fields recognize the effects of olive oil in promoting overall health and wellness but in a recently conducted study, some experts have made conclusions that another form of drug taken from olive which is known as Olive leaf extract may somehow provide more meaningful health effects than olive oil. In both olive oil and olive leaf extract, the compound Oleuropein, which is responsible for the many health benefits associated with olive, is typically found. Higher amounts of Oleuropein may however be isolated from olive leaf extract, as provided in some independent studies.

What is Olive Leaf extract and Oleuropein?

In the simplest terms, Olive Leaf extract is the result of extraction procedures of the leaves of the long-acclaimed health-promoting tree, Olive tree. While health practitioners of the ancient eras have no access on the advanced and more simplified methods of extraction, evidences show that the use of olive leaf extract is more widespread than olive oil. Oleuopein, on the other hand, is the antioxidant compound found in olive drug forms which is claimed to treat ordinary fevers as well as prevent the most dangerous types of cancers.

Health benefits of Olive Leaf extract and Oleuropein

Health supplements with Olive Leaf extract and Oleuropein are provide a wide range of health benefits which, although not yet backed with actual human subject studies, are accepted to be true in several fields. The health benefits of Olive leaf extract supplementation include the following:

  • It improves cardiovascular health

Science recognizes two ways on how Olive leaf extract improves cardiovascular health. The first mechanism is that it reduces blood pressure among hypertensive patients and the second method is that it reduces blood cholesterol levels. Olive Leaf extract for purposes of cardiovascular health improvement is recommended for adults and those who are already approaching the elderly age.

  • It reduces blood sugar levels

Problems with blood sugar levels are usually associated with patients suffering from either Type 1 or Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus. Clinical studies show that patients taking Olive Leaf extract and Oleuropein supplements have lower blood sugar levels compared to those subjects who have taken placebo drugs. The glycemic index of the patients also reduced which leads to the conclusion that Olive Leaf extract may help prevent Diabetes Mellitus.

  • It may promote cell regeneration

Some of the active compounds of Olive Leaf extract such as Oleuropein are also shown to promote cell regeneration and fight-off the effects of aging. This benefit, however, may only be noticeable with long-term use of Olive Leaf extract and Oleuropein supplements.


Olive Leaf extract contains almost 40 times more antioxidant than olive oil, according to phytochemical studies. For longer lasting health, taking Olive Leaf extract supplements is the key.

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