Orotic Acid: Vitamin B13 for Optimum Energy Production

Orotic Acid Vitamin B13

Among the patterns determined to help resolve Vitamin B12 deficiency is the compensation brought about by sufficient levels of Vitamin B13 or Orotic acid. For so long, experts have never realized the significance of Orotic acid in vitamin and mineral absorption. It was only recently when researchers found that the compound is essential in Pyramidine metabolism as an intermediary. It is also found to play vital roles in several processes occurring in the human body as well as in the prevention of several serious health conditions including multiple sclerosis. Today, health supplement manufacturers include Orotic acid in their formulations to promote wellness in various ways. It is also included in some cosmetic products as it helps improve skin health.

What is Orotic acid?

Orotic acid, also known as Vitamin B13, is a fast-growing health supplement ingredient for its effects not only in enhancing absorption of nutrients but also in promoting weight loss and lean muscle mass development. Despite the name, Vitamin B13 is not actually considered as a vitamin as it is produced naturally by intestinal flora. Synthetic forms of Vitamin B13 are thus produced through laboratory procedures to increase circulating levels of Orotic acid. Studies show that the compound Orotic acid also plays a vital role in the production and maintenance of ATP levels in body cells. This effect is very important especially in body organs requiring high amounts of ATP to function such as the heart and the brain.

What are the benefits of using Orotic Acid?

Supplementing Orotic Acid through formulated health supplement products can provide many direct and indirect health benefits to the human body. These benefits include the following:

  • It may prevent fatigue and exhaustion

Individuals engaged in weight loss programs as well as athletes and bodybuilders may experience fatigue and exhaustion following sudden drop in the levels of ATP. Experts say that by maintaining ATP levels and preventing sudden loss of energy, Orotic Acid may help prevent fatigue and exhaustion. This may also result in effective athletic performance and improved compliance with weight loss programs.

  • It provides backbone for DNA

Orotic acid is also an essential intermediary in the development of deoxyribonucleic acid or DNA. Along with other compounds naturally found in the human body, Orotic Acid helps build DNA and other organelles in body cells. Low levels of Orotic Acid can cause several illnesses and changes in genetic composition of cells.

  • It improves cardiac health

Certain studies also suggest that Orotic Acid supplementation is essential among patients who are at high risk for developing lifestyle-related cardiovascular diseases. The compound helps enhance cardiac contractility and prevents accumulation of fat molecules in the blood vessels.


The compound being produced naturally in the human body, experts stress that it must be taken only within recommended doses to avoid overdose. Prior consultation with physician may be necessary for individuals who are suffering from certain medical conditions.

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