Orthosiphon extract: A Potential Leptin Production Enhancer

Orthosiphon extract

Orthosiphon extract: A Potential Leptin Production Enhancer

The essential compounds found in the modern health supplement ingredient Orthosiphon extract include Rosmarinic acid, which is found as well in Rosemary, and methylated flavonoids. Individually, these components of the extract can contribute to several health benefits affecting the cardiovascular system, metabolism and cellular growth and development. There are many other compounds found in Orthosiphon extract which are said to contribute to overall health. Although the extract is not a very popular component of many health supplements indicated for adults of both sexes, many experts recognize the significance of its inclusion in formulations. Studies are also being conducted in laboratory set-ups to establish health claims associated with Orthosiphon extract supplementation as well as its safety for use among individual users.

What is Orthosiphon extract?

The plant source of the health supplement ingredient Orthosiphon extract is more popularly known as Java Tea or Cat’s whiskers due to its appearance. In the early days, the leaves of Java Tea are usually brewed to make teas which are observed to treat many ailments. Preliminary studies on Orthosiphon extract show that it can contribute to potential weight loss as it helps increase production of leptin, an enzyme in the human body which plays a vital role in metabolism. The claim on the fat loss benefit of Orthosiphon extract has received various comments from several expert groups and health professionals but quantitative studies on the extract clearly show feasibility. The healthy doses for Orthosiphon extract supplementation are also currently being studied upon to prevent overdose and other side effects.

Potential health uses of Orthosiphon extract

Although limited qualitative researches have yet been conducted to confirm health claims associated with Orthosiphon extract supplementation, it is believed that the extract is very beneficial. Some of the most well-known uses of Orthosiphon extract include the following:

  • It may help prevent colon cancer

The use of Orthosiphon extract is said to be useful in preventing rapid growth and development of immature body cells which result to cancer but in one specific research, it was established that Orthosiphon extract is quite effective against colon cancer. The pharmacodynamic pattern to this effect is not yet fully established.

  • It may help cure gallbladder diseases

Problems with the gall bladder are often associated with excessive or scanty bile production of use. Studies show that Orthosiphon extract supplementation may help cure gallbladder diseases among rodent subjects. It is believed that the same effect may be observed among individual users.

  • It has diuretic effect

Orthosiphon extract also promotes reduction in blood pressure and prevent straining in blood vessels through diuretic effect patterns. The compounds found in Orthosiphon extract are potential diuretics.


Although well-known in the ancient era, only a few individuals are acquainted with the health effects of Orthosiphon extract. With the advent of clinical studies, experts believe that more individuals will learn to use Orthosiphon extract.

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