Palmyra Palm extract: A Useful Tree for Better Health

Palmyra Palm extract

Palmyra Palm extract: A Useful Tree for Better Health

The Palmyra Palm tree is known across African region as a very useful tool in several fields. Aside from being a source of an edible fruit, the tree also yields a good wood which can be used in construction fields as it is termite-proof. The roots of the tree can also be used as a good source for fiber. The interest on the potential health benefits of Palmyra Palm or Borassus aethiopum extract began following observations on its effects in reducing inflammation. With the conduct of phytochemical studies, it was found that the extract of Palmyra Palm contains various compounds including tannins, steroids and alkaloids. When combined together, along with other health supplement ingredients, Palmyra Palm extract is believed to effectively improve overall health and wellness.

What is Palmyra Palm extract?

Also known as African Fan Palm, Palmyra Palm tree is a well-known plant in the field of medicine. Although researches involving actual human studies are not yet fully conducted to prove the efficiency of the compounds found in Palmyra Palm extract in enhancing overall wellness, quantitative studies show overwhelming evidences that the extract can reduce inflammation, prevent cancer and even reduce microbial growth. The Palmyra Palm extract is also revealed to contain essential nutrients such as Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Zinc and Potassium which are all beneficial in the regulation of vital body processes.

Benefits of using Palmyra Palm extract

With the vast amount of nutrients and essential compounds found in Palmyra Palm extract, it is known to provide a lot of health benefits without causing certain side effects. It is, however, important to take Palmyra Palm extract only within recommended doses. The following are the benefits of using Palmyra Palm extract:

  1. It has antioxidant properties

Several compounds found in Palmyra Palm extract are known to possess antioxidant properties. As a direct effect, the extract is believed to help enhance detoxification and elimination of free radicals in the cellular levels of the body. It also helps prevent unusual changes in growth and development of cells which can result to cancer development. As an antioxidant, Palmyra Palm extract is also said to help slow down the aging process and prevent appearance of early signs of aging.

  1. It has laxative effects

Palmyra Palm extract is also rich in fiber, making it a good laxative support. Individuals taking Palmyra Palm extract-containing health supplements may observe significant changes in stool evacuation following long-term supplementation as the fiber in the extract eases out digestion.

  1. It may reduce inflammatory pain

Several modern studies show that Palmyra Palm extract supplementation may also be useful in reducing inflammatory pain. These claims are merely based on quantitative studies, however.


Health supplements indicated for adults and younger individuals contain Palmyra Palm extract as it is a rich source of essential nutrients. Claims associated with the use of the extract are subject however to various confirmatory studies.

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