Peony root extract: Effective PCOS treatment for Better Health in Women

Peony root extract

Peony root extract: Effective PCOS treatment for Better Health in Women

For purposes of taxonomy in medical research, the medicinal plant Peony is usually classified as red peony and white peony. While most individuals believe that the categorization refers to the flower of the plant, experts say that the distinction as to white and red peony indicates the appearance of the roots of the plant after it undergoes certain processes for use in the medical field. In general, Peony root extract provides health benefits primarily associated with hormonal balance regulation and menstrual pain control. Studies show that the compounds found in Peony root extract may have certain effects in inhibiting release of hormones or enzymes in the body which cause muscle cramping and pain sensation. There are many other reasons why the use of Peony root extract is highly advisable in health supplement formulations. Experts also say that Peony root extract supplementation is considered safe.

What is Peony root extract?

Although the seeds and flowers of the Peony plant also contain relative amounts of essential compounds for health, phytochemical researches have established that Peony root contains highest amounts of nutrients. Peony root extract is typically included in health supplements for women as it is found to prevent occurrences of menstrual pains and other hormone-associated pain experienced by women. In some studies, experts have also provided that Peony root extract may be useful in preventing polycystic ovarian syndrome or PCOS which often results to serious side effects among patients. Men who take Peony root extract supplements are expected to benefit as well because some of the compounds in the extract effectively treat hemorrhoids and other inflammatory health conditions.

What are the benefits of using Peony root extract?

Many health claims are associated with Peony root extract supplementation but only a few have already been proven under medical researches. The following are some of the health benefits of using Peony root extract:

  1. It may promote liver health

Patients who are suffering from hepatitis, cirrhosis and other liver diseases are observed to have better liver function test results following Peony root extract supplementation. Experts are not yet quite convinced on the proposed mechanism of action as to how Peony root extract works in this manner.

  1. It may work against headaches

Different kinds of headaches like migraines and tension headaches are also shown to be treated effectively with Peony root extract supplementation. Although it is suggested to have immediate effects in migraine relief, the claim is still subject to confirmation.

  1. It is an antioxidant agent

Compounds in Peony root extract are also shown to have antioxidant effects. This means that it may promote detoxification of body cells and prevent cancer cell growth in the early stages of the disease process.


Peony root extract is one of the best components of modern health supplements for women. Its effect in terms of cancer prevention is among the top issues being resolved in modern researches involving the extract.

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