Persimmon leaves extract: A Highly Beneficial Extract for Diabetics

Persimmon leaves extract

Persimmon leaves extract: A Highly Beneficial Extract for Diabetics

The chemical structure of Persimmon leaves extract appear to be quite beneficial among individual users of health supplements as it includes several essential compounds which promote bodily processes and prevent development of serious health conditions. Among the most interesting health benefits of using Persimmon leaves extract health supplements is that it may prevent Hyperglycemia among Diabetic patients, thereby preventing several dangerous effects of increased sugar levels in the blood. While some researchers say that the effect of Persimmon leaves extract is comparative to that of insulin, other experts say that the mode of action of insulin is different. As to effect, however, it is believed that Persimmon leaves extract and insulin may produce the same benefits. There are many other benefits of using Persimmon leaves extract but due to lack of actual human subject studies, these claims are not yet fully recognized.

What is Persimmon leaves extract?

Persimmon leaves is among the most common components of traditional medicine which is usually made into tea to treat various conditions. Today, persimmon leaves are subjected to extraction procedures to obtain extract and include it in health supplement formulations. Experts in the field of alternative medicine say that taking Persimmon leaves extract health supplements may be beneficial in enhancing overall integumentary system health. While it may not treat skin conditions in a rapid manner, continuous intake of Persimmon leaves extract, according to studies, may help improve skin appearance. Persimmon leaves extract supplementation is also advisable among individuals who are exposed to unhealthy lifestyle and are at high risk for developing lifestyle-associated diseases like Diabetes. Patients who are diagnosed with Diabetes may also use Persimmon leaves extract to supplement effects of medications.

Health benefits of using Persimmon leaves extract

Specific health benefits of taking health supplements with relative amounts of Persimmon leaves extract include the following:

  1. It may protect optic nerve from degeneration

Optic nerve degeneration is one of the leading causes of retinal dysfunction. Studies reveal that some of the compounds in Persimmon leaves extract have contributory effects in the prevention of optic nerve damage. This has been shown in mice-subject researches.

  1. It may promote healthy digestion

Persimmon leaves also contain high amounts of fiber which is shown to aid in digestion and prevent development of constipation. Long-term use of Persimmon leaves extract supplements can resolve problems with defecation, as provided in health studies.

  1. It improves immunity

In the early days, Persimmon leaves tea is taken to enhance overall immunity as it contains high levels of nutritional compounds which improve function of immune system organs. Today, experts say that Persimmon leaves extract supplements can be taken to enhance immune system function.


Many health conditions can be prevented with Persimmon leaves extract supplementation. Its effects can be synergized when included with other herbal health extracts.

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