Persimmon leaves extract: An Ingredient for Enhanced Metabolism

Persimmon leaves extract

Persimmon leaves extract: An Ingredient for Enhanced Metabolism

Many health practitioners recommend regular intake of persimmon leaves tea as it is proven to reduce various types of cancers without risking individual health. Being a rich source of nutrients in its tea form, alternative medicine experts also say that taking persimmon leaves extract in health supplement forms may be a lot more advantageous as a single tablet or capsule of the health ingredient contains higher amounts of vitamins and minerals. Individuals who are always “on the go” or those who are exposed to stressful work environments are observed to experience lesser tension and stress following persimmon leaves extract supplementation. Although quite useful when taken by adults, persimmon leaves extract must be taken with caution among younger individuals and patients who are diagnosed with certain health conditions who are currently under medicine treatment.

What is Persimmon leaves extract?

Persimmon leaves extract is a supplement ingredient isolated from the delicious and exotic fruit Persimmon. There are various types of Persimmon fruits as shown in many historic studies but the most common source of health supplement ingredient is the Japanese persimmon. Records also show that the use of Persimmon leaves extract in alternative medicine was initially recorded in China but with the widespread growth of different species of Persimmon throughout the world, it appears that it was also used in various cultures for purposes of treatment. Today, many physicians and health experts recommend Persimmon leaves extract supplementation for purposes of cancer prevention and metabolism enhancement. Many compounds in Persimmon leaves extract are also shown to enhance overall detoxification process from the cellular level up to the organ system level. Persimmon leaves extract should be taken within recommended doses to avoid side effects.

What are the health benefits of using Persimmon leaves extract?

The advantages of taking Persimmon leaves extract include the following:

  1. It enhances overall immunity

The high amount of Vitamin C and other minerals for immunity of Persimmon leaves extract is shown to be useful in the reduction and prevention of bacterial and microorganism growth among individual users. Studies show that Persimmon leaves extract may also enhance production of White blood cells or the defense blood cells of the body.

  1. It promotes healthy digestion

The breakdown of food in the digestive tract and subsequent absorption and elimination of toxic wastes is partly brought about by fiber. Persimmon leaves extract contains high amounts of nutritional fiber which aid in digestion.

  1. It may control blood pressure

Persimmon leaves extract is also a rich source of the mineral Potassium which plays a vital role in cardiovascular health and blood pressure control. Experts believe that hypertensive patients may find benefit with Persimmon leaves extract supplementation.


There are many reasons why individuals are advised to take Persimmon leaves extract supplements. It must be kept in mind, however, that it should be taken only within recommended doses.

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