Phaseolin extract: An Anti-Diabetic Compound for Long-term Wellness

Phaseolin extract

Phaseolin extract: An Anti-Diabetic Compound for Long-term Wellness

For decades, health experts have been looking into the potential association of white kidney bean extract and weight loss, following findings on observation studies that patients who are subjected to kidney bean extract supplementation manifested rapid weight loss. After several years, it has been discovered that a globulin compound in white kidney beans known as Phaseolin is primarily responsible for the health effect. Aside from being quite useful, experts also advise the use of Phaseolin extract and White kidney bean extract in health supplements as it is generally safe for use. There have been no reported side effects of using these extracts as they are taken from a staple food source. As long as taken within recommended doses and for a specific period of time, experts say that there are no dangers associated with Phaseolin extract use.

What is Phaseolin extract?

Phaseolin extract is generally taken from white kidney beans, although it may also be taken from the seeds of French beans. It has long been discovered as a protein or globulin compound but its use in the health supplement community only began in the recent years. The compound Phaseolin primarily promotes health by inhibiting action of a body enzyme known as α-amylase. This enzyme generally works by enhancing digestion of starches, thereby metabolizing carbohydrates. Phaseolin’s mechanism in blocking carbohydrates by blocking α-amylase is associated with a lot of health benefits related to metabolism. Many studies have also shown that the compound is quite essential in weight loss promotion, making it ideal for modern individuals who are suffering from obesity and overweight states. Persons who are seeking to lose weight in order to prevent development of serious medical conditions may also use Phaseolin extract as it is safe and effective for individual use.

What are the benefits of using Phaseolin extract?

Weight loss promotion through Phaseolin extract supplementation can provide a lot of health benefits to individual users. The following are the other benefits of using Phaseolin extract:

  1. It lowers glycemic index

Among diabetic patients, lowered glycemic index is one of the most important goals of treatment. Studies show that Phaseolin extract is quite useful in lowering down glycemic index as the extract reduces starch breakdown.

  1. It may help prevent cardiovascular conditions

By lowering down glycemic index and reducing risk for Diabetes Mellitus, a lot of health conditions may be prevented with Phaseolin extract supplementation. Among these conditions are cardiovascular disorders. This is an indirect effect of Phaseolin extract supplementation.

  1. It may prevent rapid organ destruction due to Diabetes

Diabetes may result to organ destruction due to thickening of blood secondary to increased blood sugar levels. Studies show that Phaseolin extract may be used in preventing rapid organ destruction as it helps reduce effects of Diabetes in the body,


There are no associated risks of using Phaseolin extract among healthy adults but it may be contraindicated among some patients who are undergoing medical treatment. Individuals who are taking medicines must consult their physicians prior to use.

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