Phytosterol: Plant Sterols for Lower Cholesterol Levels


Phytosterol: Plant Sterols for Lower Cholesterol Levels

Having comparative similarities with the structural profile of cholesterol, Phytosterols are believed to help control cholesterol levels, thereby preventing several lifestyle-associated conditions associated with increased cholesterol, triglyceride and LDL levels. Many individuals who are at high risk for cardiovascular conditions, Diabetes Mellitus and strokes are advised to take Phytosterol health supplements as this classification of compounds are said to activate mechanisms for the prevention of many diseases. Although not yet fully proven, some studies also show that Phytosterols may have contributory effects in cancer prevention as they help eliminate toxins in the body which result to excessive growth of immature body cells. Some experts also believe that Phytosterol supplementation may help support cell membranes and promote detoxification of cells and tissues.

What are Phytosterols?

Also known as plant sterols, Phytosterols refer to the group of sterol compounds derived from plant sources. This group of compounds contribute in the disease-preventing mechanisms of plants and are believed to work in the same manner among individuals. Phytosterols are extracted from various species of plants through certain procedures conducted in laboratory settings. While some manufacturers of health supplements include phytosterols in general in their formulations, some only use specific compounds under the category for specific health benefits. In general, Phytosterols contribute to health and wellness by affecting not only the cardiovascular system but also the digestive, metabolism, and nervous system.

Health benefits of using Phytosterol

Being derived from natural plant sources, Phytosterols are not associated with health risks and side effects, unless used beyond the recommended doses. It is advisable for use among adult groups, although individuals who are suffering from serious health conditions as well as women who are pregnant are advised to procure advises from physicians prior to use. The following are some of the benefits of using Phytosterols:

  1. It may promote prostate health

Prostate enlargement is a very common health condition among men beyond the age of 50, and, in some cases, among those below the 50. Although the exact cause of the condition is not yet fully known, it is believed to be prevented effectively with Phytosterol supplementation.

  1. It may promote hair growth

Another stream of studies suggests that Phytosterol supplementation may help promote healthy hair growth even among individuals who are suffering from balding. Health effects in terms of hair growth may not, however, be noticeable within the first few doses but may manifest after long-term use.

  1. It prevents heart attack and strokes

Heart attack and strokes are associated with increased triglyceride and cholesterol levels as these conditions usually result to the narrowing of blood vessels. Taking Phytosterol supplementation may be effective in preventing heart attack and strokes as it reduces cholesterol.


Many health supplements contain doses of Phytosterol compounds which are believed to promote health. Mechanisms of action for this group of compounds are not yet fully understood.

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