Picolinic Acid: Compound Ingredient for Long-term Immunity Enhancement

Picolinic Acid

Picolinic Acid: Compound Ingredient for Long-term Immunity Enhancement

On their own, minerals and other compounds in the body will not work unless they are transported effectively from site of absorption to the site where they are intended to work. A lot of things happen during the transportation process of minerals. In most instances, these circumstances may change not only the quantity of minerals transported to cells but also the quality of these compounds. This is the reason why experts now include a compound known as Picolinic Acid in their formulation of health supplement products. Studies show that Picolinic Acid is very useful in transporting minerals from the intestines where they are absorbed up to the body cells where they are intended to work. With Picolinic acid, experts believe that the rate of absorption of minerals, as well as the quality of minerals absorbed in the body may be improved. This mechanism is very useful in the prevention of deficiency cases of vitamins and minerals among individuals.

What is Picolinic Acid?

The compound Picolinic Acid is well-known in the field of alternative medicine as an aid in transportation of minerals. Although this is the primary reason why it is being included in health supplement formulations for decades, recent studies show that Picolinic Acid alone may also provide health benefits to the human body. In one recent study, it was found that Picolinic Acid may have effects in protecting neurons from destruction. This function results to several health benefits involving the human brain. Experts say that Picolinic Acid supplementation may thus prevent memory lapses and enhance memory. It is also believed that Picolinic Acid supplementation may prevent degradation of overall intelligence and brain function among elderly individuals. Although it is not yet proven and studied upon, some experts also say that Picolinic Acid may have certain effects in preventing Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease. Despite the many claims associated with Picolinic Acid use, it must be used only within recommended doses.

What are the benefits of using Picolinic Acid?

Picolinic Acid supplementation provides the following benefits among individual users:

  1. It may improve immune functions

Picolinic Acid, according to recent researches, may also be useful in improving overall immunity functions. This means that it may improve resistance from illnesses and prevent development of infections within and outside the body. This claim is still subject to confirmation.

  1. It has anti-proliferative effects

Some studies also suggest that Picolinic Acid may have certain effects in controlling proliferation of cancer cells in the human body. As an anti-proliferative agent, Picolinic Acid may prevent various types of cancer, especially the metastatic types.

  1. It may treat depression

Depression is also a condition affecting the brain. Because Picolinic Acid has an effect in improving brain function, experts say that Picolinic Acid may also have effects in treating depression.


Several studies on Picolinic Acid reveal that it may improve overall health and wellness in several ways. However, it must not be used alone for purposes of treatment.

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