Pine bark extract: The Modern Erectile Dysfunction Cure

Pine bark extract

Pine bark extract: The Modern Erectile Dysfunction Cure

Rich in Pycnogenol, a compound claimed to increase nitrogen oxide and control blood sugar levels among patients with Diabetes, Pine bark extract is now the subject of several health studies conducted to determine possible disease treatments. For thousands of years, Pine bark extract has been used in ancient civilizations for its potential anti-inflammatory benefits. While studies are currently being completed to establish feasibilities of the extract as a source of anti-inflammatory agents, several quantitative studies suggest that Pine bark extract may work to increase wound healing and control inflammation in mice subjects. Up to this time, only a few studies conducted on humans have been completed to support claimed health benefits of using Pine bark extract.

What is Pine bark extract?

Pine bark extract used for medical purposes refer to extracts taken from the bark of European pine trees. Unlike other trees belonging to the same category, European pine trees bark contains high quantities of bioactive compounds and antioxidants including Pycnogenol and Oligomericproanthocyanidins. Phytochemical studies on Pine bark extract began as early as 1950’s but the establishment of the extract as a potential component of health supplements only began in the recent years.

Health benefits of using Pine bark extract

The mechanisms of action ofPine bark extract is believed to contribute to several health benefits not only among adults but also among younger individuals. The property of the extract in terms of increasing nitrogen oxide contents of the body is also known to be very beneficial among males. The following are the benefits of using Pine bark extract:

  • It may treat erectile dysfunction

Male health supplements primarily indicate Pine bark extract as a potential treatment for erectile dysfunctions as the active components of the extract are proven to increase nitrogen oxide, thereby increasing blood supply towards the genitals during sexual engagement. For individuals suffering from the disorder due to structural or anatomical defects, however, using Pine bark extract may not be very effective.

  • It may help prevent thrombolytic formations

Thrombolytic malformations may result from ineffective blood circulation from the lower extremities of the body due to vasoconstriction. In a recently conducted study, experts suggested that the ability of Pine bark extract to increase nitrogen oxide is associated with vasodilation effects which may improve blood circulation and prevent development of thrombus and embolus. Controlling thrombus formation is a key element in the prevention of strokes as well as embolus-associated myocardial infarction.

  • It may control aging manifestations

The appearance of early signs of aging due to failure of the body to detoxify effectively is said to be controlled with the antioxidant properties of Pine bark extract. The extract helps detoxify body cells and tissues and eliminate chemicals lodged in cell organelles to promote effective cell function. This mechanism also prevents rapid wear out of body cells.


Pine bark extract is a proven safe and effective health supplement component. Supplementation may lead to overall health and wellness both among males and females as well as young and old.


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