Pinellia tuber extract: The Effective Anti-emetic Agent for Morning Sickness

Pinellia tuber extract

Pinellia tuber extract: The Effective Anti-emetic Agent for Morning Sickness

During the early civilizations, women who suffer from morning sickness are usually given doses of Pinellia tuber extract to relieve the symptom and prevent vomiting. It was only recently, however, when experts have found potential links on how the extract effectively controls vomiting and excessive morning sickness. Prevalent in China and other Asian regions, practitioners of alternative medicine have developed many treatments using Pinellia tuber extract as the prime component.  Although most of the claims associated with the health benefits of using Pinellia tuber extract are not yet fully proven, experts say that they are mostly feasible as evidenced by quantitative findings. Experts also say that although the use of Pinellia tuber extract in the United States is currently banned, taking relatively low doses of the extract for purposes of wellness is advisable.

What is Pinellia tuber extract?

As a primary health supplement ingredient, Pinellia tuber extract is known to possess several essential compounds which enhance health. These include choline, saponins, volatile oils and Calcium oxalate. Currently, the use of Pinellia tuber extract in medicine formulation is banned in the US as it contains ephedrine alkaloids which may cause serious side effects when taken in high doses. Manufacturers of Pinellia tuber extract-containing supplements, in order to resolve the problem, include only low doses of the extract. The many uses of Pinellia tuber extract in the field of medicine generally outweigh the risks. It is, important however, to maintain health and prevent side effects by regulating Pinellia tuber extract doses. Individuals who are suffering from certain health conditions which pose high risk for stroke or heart attacks are advised to seek physician’s advice prior to use of Pinellia tuber extract.

Health benefits of using Pinellia tuber extract

There are many advantages of using Pinellia tuber extract in health supplement formulations. Aside from working as an antiemetic agent, the ingredient also provides the following health benefits:

  1. It may help reduce pain and inflammation

Pinellia tuber extract is currently being developed and studied upon for its potential effects in controlling inflammation and reducing pain sensation. Although observed to be effective as an anti-inflammatory agent in certain studies, it was observed that is effects are not quite rapid.

  1. It may help treat flu

Flu or influenza is a common disease affecting individuals of all ages. It is caused by various strains of viruses which manifest symptoms in different degrees of severity. Experts have observed that Pinellia tuber extract help treat flu and reduce manifestations of symptoms.

  1. It works as an expectorant

Among the traditional uses of Pinellia tuber extract is the treatment of cough and colds and the promotion of expectoration of mucus from the respiratory tract. Some studies have already confirmed this claim.


Using Pinellia tuber extract in health supplement formulations is very advantageous to individual users. It must be regulated, however, to prevent certain serious side effects.

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