Piperine: Supplement-Strength Intensifier


Piperine: Supplement-Strength Intensifier

Although not quite efficient on its own, Piperine becomes a very potent weight loss aid when combined with other compounds in the formulation and manufacture of health supplements. The compound is mainly extracted from black pepper, an important element not only in the field of culinary but also in the healthcare field. Since its use in the prehistoric times, black pepper has been observed to be efficient in promoting effective bodily functions. With extensive clinical studies of today, scientists have established a lot of benefits of using black pepper and Piperine. Not only are these benefits merely theoretical but they are already proven as facts as they have long been tested on human subjects.

What is Piperine?

The main role of Piperine when included in the formulation of various health supplements is to protect the other compounds and enhance their bioavailability. The compound is almost always included in the formulation of supplements containing Curcumin, another molecule in black pepper which is responsible for some of its health effects. While most of the pharmacodynamics of Piperine is already clear after decades of studies, some of the mechanisms of the plant remain unexplored.

What are the benefits of using Piperine?

Being the active component of black pepper, using Piperine has a lot of benefits. These include the following:

  • It helps control obesity

Combined with Curcumin and Quercetin, several studies have found that Piperine effectively helps control obesity by lowering LDL or low density lipoprotein levels in the blood and decreasing glucose transport. Individuals who are suffering from long-term glucose intolerance are observed to find relief with regular use of Piperine-containing supplements.

  • It may Prevent Cancer

Cancer is brought about by the sudden rapid growth of body cells with unknown etiologies. As a well-known polyphenol, or a molecule with antioxidant effects, Piperine is shown to be effective in helping prevent cancer cell formation and development in the early stages. Certain studies suggested that the compound is most especially effective in cases of breast cancer, although it can also contribute in the prevention of other forms of cancers.

  • It works as an anti-inflammatory agent

Although not as efficient as Curcumin, experts say that Piperine contributes to the ability of black pepper to control a developing inflammatioin. This is made possible by the compound’s ability to inhibit cytokines or elements in the body that respond to inflammation. As a general result, the compound is also effective in reducing pain among patients.

  • It may contribute to Cognitive Function Improvement

A recent study has found that Piperine may contribute to overall cognitive function improvement by improving memory work and reducing impairment brought about by Alzheimer’s disease. This claim, however, is still being subject to deeper studies.


There are so many benefits of Piperine which are known by users, although not yet written into papers. For this reason, Piperine has become one of the top choices in health supplement manufacture.

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