Plaintain extract: Effective Insect Bites Treatment

Plaintain extract

Plaintain extract: Effective Insect Bites Treatment

Among the nine sacred herbs of Saxon culture which is now used in modern health supplement formulations is Plaintain extract. Early civilizations used Plaintain extract as an aphrodisiac as it contains bioactive compounds which improve hormonal balance and enhance libido production in the brain. Today, aside from being a potential treatment for various sexual disorders in both men and women, experts are also looking forward into the possibility of using Plaintain extract in the prevention of cancer cell growth and in the control of Diabetes Mellitus Type II. There are no known contraindications of using Plaintain extract for various health purposes but there are also no concrete scientific proof evidencing the mechanisms of action of the extract in the human body.

What is Plaintain extract?

Plaintain is a widely-used herbal medicine across Europe, Asia and North America. It has been used since the early 1500’s to 1600’s in various cultures across the world for purposes including treatment of wounds, fevers and even influenza. Phytochemical studies conducted in the modern setting show that the extract of the herb Plantain contains compounds including vannilic acid, citric acid, tannins, coumarin acid and ascorbic acid. These essential compounds are proven by studies to have certain effects in the immune system, respiratory system and other organ systems of the human body. Health studies are also being conducted on Plaintain extract to determine safety dosages when used by individuals belonging to different age groups.

Health benefits of using Plaintain extract

Health supplements with Plaintain extract provide various health benefits to both men and women. While most of the health claims associated with the use of the extract are not yet fully proven, many experts say that these benefits are highly probable. The following are some of the claimed benefits of using Plaintain extract:

  1. It may promote diuresis

Fluid retention in the interstitial spaces of the body indicates dysfunction of the kidneys. In order to treat fluid retention and prevent the progression of the condition into some other disorders, the use of diuretic compounds is essential. Studies show that some of the compounds found in Plaintain extract have diuretic effects. This means that it can prevent fluid retention, although not as efficiently as medically-formulated diuretics.

  1. It may control bacterial growth

Compounds in Plaintain extract also manifest antagonistic effects against several strains of microorganisms. Many experts are conducting studies to establish a list of microbes against which Plaintain extract may work.

  1. It may treat insect bites

Inflammations caused by insect bites may also be treated with Plaintain extract supplementation. The effect may not, however, be as rapidly manifested.


Plaintain extract is a safe and effective treatment for various health conditions, both serious and not. A lot of studies evidence that the health claims associated with its use are highly probable.

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