New Ingredients | PLT Launches New Brain Health Plant Ingredients


New Ingredients | PLT Launches New Brain Health Plant Ingredients

Recently, PLT Health Solutions launched a new botanical ingredient to improve mental performance. The product, Nutricog Cognitive Performance Complex, uses a combination of Haritaki (Terminalia Chebula, an extract of the Haritaki fruit) and Boswellia serrata, standardized for gallic acid, ellagic acid, and amyrins.

It’s a new botanical ingredient that’s effective at relatively low doses, and it’s sustainably and traceably grown.

Nutricog Clinical Trials

PLT conducted a double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial of this ingredient. The trial showed that 100 Nutricog users performed better in several cognitive domains compared to the placebo group. Includes learning, memory, sustained attention and concentration, working memory, and executive function. An increase in multitasking accuracy accompanied the increase in cognitive speed. The earliest clinical benefit of Nutricog was seen 15 days after use initiation.

In a 120-day study, it was found that users who used this product improved their immediate recall by 1.4 times, doubled their brain-derived neurotrophic factor, increased their delayed recall by 2.3 times, increased their learning rate by 2.7 times, and increased their attention by 11.5 times.

Jennifer Murphy, registered dietitian and director of innovation and clinical development at PLT Health Solutions, said seeing the broad range of benefits Nutricog provided in trials suggested it could be formulated into a wide range of products. Improvements in overall cognitive performance combined with increases in peripheral BDNF (brain-derived neurotrophic factor) suggest that Nutricog may support structural changes in the brain. Nutricog represents a new ingredient in the cognitive health space that can stand independently and appeal to consumers.

Brain Health Will Set Off A New Wave

According to Innova Market Insights Q2 2022 data, brain health claims were the second most common in botanical-based supplements, accounting for 28.3% of all product launches.

Ingredient suppliers expect the supplement industry to unleash a wave of innovation on brain health over the next five years, spurred by new digital technologies, emerging market opportunities, demands for environmental sustainability, and ultra-convenient delivery formats.

With rapidly increasing consumer interest in cognitively supported lifestyles, consumers are actively seeking everything from enhanced focus to reduced stress, improved mood, faster learning, effective memory, better adaptation, and enhanced task processing.

Source From: foodingredientsfirst

Picture From: PLTHealth

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