Polydextrose: A Healthy Prebiotic Fiber for Health and Wellness


Polydextrose: A Healthy Prebiotic Fiber for Health and Wellness

A healthy digestion process, according to researches, is one of the best ways to prevent many illnesses affecting not only the digestive tract but also other organ systems of the human body. Although several types of compounds from herbs and other sources are found to be very useful in improving digestion, experts say that the best way to improve digestion is still through fiber compounds. With this in mind, many manufacturers of health supplement products have developed supplement formulations which include Polydextrose, a well-known prebiotic dietary fiber. Studies reveal that Polydextrose is very beneficial in improving effects of other fiber types. This effect is highly associated with improved overall digestion, thus preventing many illnesses, including Type II Diabetes Mellitus, constipation, and other cancer types. It is also believed to ease bowel movement and prevent other illnesses associated with difficulty in the breakdown of food and its absorption. Polydextrose supplementation is beneficial for healthy adults in general.

What is Polydextrose?

The health supplement ingredient Polydextrose is a considered a prebiotic agent. This means that it helps in the growth of healthy microorganisms in the gastrointestinal tract which are necessary in the maintenance of healthy digestion. As a dietary fiber, Polydextrose is also known to function in the cleansing of gastrointestinal organs, cells and tissues to prevent damage brought about by toxic compounds which have accumulated in the various parts of the body. Studies also show that this function can be established as a pharmacodynamic basis as to how Polydextrose may help prevent cancer through effective detoxification process. Although many experts say that Polydextrose supplementation is beneficial, it must be noted that Polydextrose is not yet recognized under actual human qualitative clinical studies to be medicinal. Claims associated with the use of Polydextrose are only proven through quantitative studies conducted on humans and animals. Hence, it must be noted that Polydextrose must be used only in recommended doses.

What are the benefits of using Polydextrose?

Other health benefits of using Polydextrose include the following:

  1. It may help treat diabetes in the Pre-diabetic stage

One study which is currently being subjected to confirmatory researches shows that Polydextrose may have effects in the treatment of Diabetes in the Pre-diabetic stage or glucose intolerance. This means that before a full-blown diabetes develops, Polydextrose supplementation may prevent the condition.

  1. It may support healthy blood glucose levels

Polydextrose may also be useful in the effective maintenance of blood sugar levels. It does not work in the same way as insulin but experts have observed that patients who take Polydextrose have lower blood glucose levels as compared to those who are not taking the compound.

  1. It may help in weight management

Many experts also recommend the use of Polydextrose among patients who are undergoing weight management efforts. This is because it helps eliminate stool and promote digestion of food.


Polydextrose is generally useful for adults and younger individuals but it must be taken with caution among patients who often experience diarrhea. It must not also be used alone for purposes of weight management but it must be taken in conjunction with other weight management options.

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