Potassium bicarbonate: The Source for Heart Health

Potassium bicarbonate

Potassium bicarbonate: The Source for Heart Health

Low levels of the mineral Potassium is one of the root causes of problems associated with muscle contraction. Also, since heart contractions are also caused by muscle contraction, Potassium deficiency may also cause problems with heart contractility, thereby compromising circulation of blood from the heart to the different parts of the body. Experts say that Potassium supplementation is very important in the prevention of Potassium deficiency, thus improving overall cardiovascular health and wellness. Since blood carries not only oxygen but also nutrients form food, Potassium supplementation is also important, according to studies, in maintaining healthy nutrition levels of cells and tissues. One of the most ideal forms of Potassium for purposes of supplementation is Potassium bicarbonate. The compound Potassium bicarbonate is classified by the U.S. Food and Drug Association as a safe and effective Potassium supplement but it must not be taken in excessive doses as increased levels of Potassium in the blood and in body cells may also be dangerous.

What is Potassium bicarbonate?

Potassium bicarbonate is a Potassium supplement form which is ideal for persons who are diagnosed with potassium deficiency. It may also be used in health supplement forms by healthy individuals for purposes of ensuring adequate levels of potassium in their bodies. Studies show that Potassium bicarbonate supplementation may also provide a lot of health benefits among individual users. It is primarily recommended for use in increasing energy levels and in preventing fatigue and exhaustion. It is not fully understood how Potassium bicarbonate effectively enhances energy levels but experts believe that it is associated with effective transport of glucose secondary to improved blood circulation. Studies are currently being conducted to fully establish the health benefits and risks of using Potassium bicarbonate in health supplement formulations. Experts say that Potassium bicarbonate must be taken only within recommended doses.

What are the benefits of using Potassium bicarbonate?

Intake of Potassium bicarbonate supplements may provide the following health benefits:

  • It may help prevent irregular heartbeat

Irregular heartbeats may be caused by various factors including Potassium deficiency. Persons who are diagnosed with the condition are recommended to take in higher amounts of Potassium to help treat the condition.

  • It may contribute to treatment of inflammatory bowel diseases

Inflammatory bowel diseases are among the causes of nutrient absorption deficiency. In one study, experts have established that Potassium bicarbonate supplementation may be contributory in the treatment of inflammatory bowel diseases.

  • It helps improve bone health

Potassium is also among the agents which help maintain healthy levels of bone minerals. Thus, taking Potassium bicarbonate supplements may help improve bone health. It is also said that Potassium bicarbonate supplementation promotes overall muscle health.


Taking Potassium bicarbonate supplements is ideal for individuals of all ages but it must be taken within recommended doses only. Also, persons who are suffering from heart conditions must consult their physicians before taking Potassium bicarbonate supplements.

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