Potassium gluconate: The Potassium Compound for Lowering Blood Pressure

Potassium gluconate

Potassium gluconate: The Potassium Compound for Lowering Blood Pressure

Prolonged Potassium deficiency can result to various mild and severe symptoms. In the early stages of the deficiency condition, experts say that the patient may experience diarrhea and changes in the digestive tract function. During the advanced stage, the patient may develop symptoms which are already associated with the cardiovascular system and the musculoskeletal system. Because of the dangers of Potassium deficiency, experts say that the condition must be treated in its early stages through diet high in potassium and through intake of health supplement products which contain relative amounts of the compound. Potassium gluconate is one of the most common forms of potassium which are commonly included in modern health supplement formulations. Experts say that the compound is beneficial in improving functions of the cardiovascular system, as well as in treating symptoms of early potassium deficiency cases. It cannot be used, however, to reverse symptoms of prolonged potassium deficiency.

What is Potassium gluconate?

Modern health supplement products usually contain Potassium gluconate as it provides the body with adequate levels of the mineral potassium, thereby preventing the risks of prolonged potassium deficiency. Potassium gluconate is one of the most common forms of potassium in health supplement formulations. Aside from its widespread availability, it is advantageous for use as it may have effects in improving cardiovascular functions and in preventing signs and symptoms of abnormal cardiac rhythm. Studies also show that Potassium gluconate supplementation may be useful in the reduction of blood pressure, thereby preventing various complications of the condition such as strokes and myocardial infarction. In general, Potassium gluconate is beneficial for use according to experts. However, it must  be taken only within recommended doses as increased potassium levels may also pose risks to health. Experts also say that individuals who are suffering from deficiency of other minerals may take Potassium gluconate supplements to facilitate absorption of deficient compounds.

What are the benefits of using Potassium gluconate?

Some of the health benefits of using Potassium gluconate according to studies are the following:

  • It may help minimize effects of sodium

Normal sodium level in the body is healthy but when it is increased, it may result to serious medical conditions such as water retention. Studies show that Potassium gluconate supplementation may help minimize effects of sodium as it neutralizes the mineral in the body.

  • It promotes bone health

Also, by reducing sodium levels in the body, experts say that Potassium gluconate promotes bone health. This is because excessive sodium pulls out calcium in the bones, thereby destroying bone structures.

  • It promotes nerve function

Potassium is also necessary in promoting nerve function as it is necessary in the transmission of nerve impulses. Thus, sensation from sensory receptors may improve with Potassium gluconate supplementation.


Experts recommend the use of Potassium gluconate in health supplement formulations as it is ideal for potassium deficiency cases. However, excessive doses of the compound must be prevented.

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