Explore The Development Space Of Today’s PQQ Bulk Powder

PQQ bulk powder development

Explore The Development Space Of Today’s PQQ Bulk Powder

PQQ ingredient is a new type of raw material, and consumers have recognized PQQ’s positive role in health, nutrition, and health care. America and the European Union have listed PQQ bulk powder as a high-safety dietary supplement.

PQQ powder has recently been sold as a functional raw material. With the rise of the global beauty economy and sleep economy, the application of this nutrient in oral beauty, functional food, and other fields has gradually deepened. There are endless products on the market with added PQQ ingredients, such as CellMii Beauty Soft Capsules, Kotohogu Fertility Supplements, NOW PQQ Energy Supplements, Kelly PQQ Hydrogen Tablets, Rohto Cell Alive Supplements, etc.

What is Pyrroloquinoline Quinone?

Pyrroloquinoline quinone, abbreviated as PQQ, is an oxidoreductase prosthetic group. And as a new type of water-soluble vitamin, PQQ has physiological functions similar to vitamins and widely exists in prokaryotes, plants, mammals, and human tissues, such as fermented soybean or natto, green pepper, kiwi, parsley, tea, Papaya, spinach, celery, breast milk, etc.

PQQ bulk powder

Who are the PQQ Raw Material Suppliers in the World?

Zhucheng Haotian Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

The company was founded in 1999. And Haotian Pharmaceutical is committed to creating an outstanding global producer and supplier of natural plant raw material extraction. Haotian Pharmaceutical focuses on innovation in natural plant extraction and bioengineering technology to improve people’s quality of life.

The company’s main products include stevia, inositol, baicalin, inositol nicotinate, valsartan, and tricalcium phosphate. It has formed an annual production scale of 6,000 tons of inositol, 800 tons of baicalin, 500 tons of stevia, 500 tons of inositol nicotinate, 35,000 tons of tricalcium phosphate, and 20 tons of valsartan.

China’s early PQQ market was subject to production technology. It leads that the price of PQQ raw materials is so high. Therefore, the early PQQ bulk powder was limited to scientific research use. To solve this problem, Zhucheng Haotian Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., in conjunction with top universities and research institutions, started the road of R&D innovation, production and promotion of PQQ.

After years of hard work, Haotian Pharmaceutical has developed a better PQQ crystal form. This product has successfully obtained the authorization of invention patents in many countries and regions, such as China, the United States, the European Union, Japan, Hong Kong, etc. At the same time, Haotian Pharmaceutical’s PQQ was also the first to obtain GRAS approval from the US FDA. The main consumer market for PQQ bulk powder is North America. So, Haotian Pharmaceutical’s PQQ market share is at the forefront. In this way, Haotian has become one of the most important PQQ raw material suppliers in the world.

Fuzhou Kangtai Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

Fuzhou Kangtai Bio is a research and development company of fermented raw materials, focusing on the fields of new biological medicines and new resources (nutraceuticals) that promote human health. It has modern equipment and masters advanced natural fermentation and purification technology. The company mainly researches, develops, produces, and sells fermented APIs and functional food additives. For example, PQQ, vitamin K2, coenzyme Q10, sialic acid, etc.

Life Extension

Life Extension is a well-known pharmaceutical research company in the United States, established in 1980. The brand is positioned as a mid-to-high-end brand in the United States, with a top position in medical and dietary supplements. More than 350 products of Life Extension are sold in 46 developed countries around the world and have passed the US NSF certification and GMP standards.

Since Life Extension’s establishment, the company has been committed to sourcing the highest quality raw materials and the best nutritional supplements to create a wide variety of health and wellness products. Products involve vitamins, biological supplements, herbal care, etc., and the effects cover weight loss, heart, brain, bones, etc.

Health Thru Nutrition

Health Thru Nutrition has over 40 years of manufacturing experience. Using science-backed data and practices, we strive to provide the highest quality nutritional products on the market.

The brand and Nascent Health Sciences, the world’s largest maker of the all-natural sweetener inulin, have been one of the closest partners. Nascent provides cutting-edge technology in supplement ingredient raw materials, together with research and production of micronutrients – PurePQQ®. Health Thru Nutrition and Nascent have continued to fund clinical trials of PQQ around the world. From cardiovascular to cognitive function to endothelial, the positive effects of PQQ bulk powder ingredient supplementation are further extended in ongoing clinical trial studies.

What is the Current Status of China’s PQQ Market?

Compared with the European and American markets, the PQQ market in the Chinese market is currently underdeveloped, and there are fewer types of PQQ-related products. According to data, the output of PQQ bulk powder in China in 2016 was only 2056.5 kg, and the price exceeded RMB 50,000 kilograms.

In August 2021, the National Center for Safety Risk Assessment issued a public consultation for new food raw materials, Guanshan cherry blossoms and pyrroloquinoline quinone disodium salt. With the review and approval of relevant safety assessment materials, the pyrroloquinoline quinone disodium salt is expected to enter my country’s functional food market as a new food raw material. It is not difficult to see that China’s PQQ market has a lot of room for development, and the market is coming up for a better time for rapid development in the future.

According to previous PQQ market data forecasts, it is expected that the compound annual growth rate of the global PQQ market will grow at a rate of 5.8% from 2021 to 2030.

PQQ Bulk Powder Product Specifications And Types

PQQ 98% powder

PQQ 98% is the most common class of pyrroloquinoline quinones, accounting for most of the market share. This product is a water-soluble compound with high bioavailability.

PQQ 99% powder

PQQ 99% is the second most common type of pyrroloquinoline quinone. Compared to PQQ 98%, PQQ 99% has higher antioxidant activity.

PQQ Acid powder

PQQ acid is an oil-soluble, free-flowing powder. Its appearance is reddish brown. The CAS number for PQQ acid is 72909-34-3. Its molecular formula is C14H6N2O8, and its molecular weight is 330.21 g/mol. The purity of the PQQ acid was 98% HPLC.

PQQ Acid structure

PQQ acid powders can be incorporated into oil-based products such as chocolate, soft gels, and tinctures. It can also be emulsified for incorporation into ready-to-drink beverages and other water-based foods and beverages.

PQQ Disodium Salt powder

Pyrroloquinoline quinone disodium salt, simply named PQQ disodium salt, is a sodium derivative of PQQ. And there are also many other names, such as methoxatin disodium salt, PQQ-2NA, etc.

The CAS number of PQQ disodium salt is 122628-50-6. The molecular formula is C14H4N2Na2O8, and the molecular weight is 374.17g/mol. The appearance of PQQ disodium salt powder is a reddish-brown crystalline powder. The purity is more than or equal to 99%.

PQQ disodium salt structure

PQQ disodium salt powder can applicate in many ways, like food additives, nutrient enhancers, dietary supplements, cosmetic raw materials, etc. And there are various benefits of PQQ-2NA powder, as below:

  1. PQQ disodium salt may have a certain effect on symptoms such as Parkinson’s.
  2. PQQ disodium salt also prevents immune liver damage.

PQQ raw material powder product supports customized capsules, tablets, etc. Among the many types, capsules occupy an important place.

What Fields Can PQQ Raw Material Powder be Used in? 

To better develop PQQ-related products, the first thing to understand is its advantages:

  • PQQ can promote the growth of neural factors in the brain.
  • PQQ helps increase mitochondrial activity.
  • PQQ supports free radical scavenging.
  • PQQ helps delay aging.
  • PQQ is helpful in preventing and treating liver damage.
  • PQQ is an important accessory factor for mitochondrial electron transport and contributes to the generation of ATP.
  • PQQ also has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. And because of its outstanding antioxidant properties, it is called the king of immunity by the global biomedical community.
PQQ powder benefits

Dietary supplements containing PQQ ingredients.

However, the human body cannot synthesize PQQ by itself and usually requires dietary supplementation. The daily nutritional intake of PQQ is mainly derived from plants, but PQQ dietary supplements came into being due to the limited daily nutritional intake.

PQQ dietary supplements are powdered products prepared by microbial fermentation and are usually used in combination with NMN, coenzyme Q10, collagen, Ginkgo biloba extract, PS, and other raw materials.

Dietary supplements are used in brain health, oral beauty, energy supplements, sleep aid, pregnancy aid, etc.

Adding PQQ ingredients to cosmetics.

Used in cosmetics to help reduce signs of aging. Plus, PQQ ingredients also help produce collagen, which is necessary for healthy skin. At the same time, PQQ can also improve skin elasticity.

Drugs are also a good place to go for PQQ bulk powder.

In medicine, PQQ is used to treat diseases like Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, and diabetes. PQQ also helps produce red blood cells necessary for oxygen transport.

What is the Future Market Prospect of PQQ Powder?

Currently, North America is the largest market for pyrroloquinoline quinones. And the region is home to some of the major PQQ bulk powder manufacturers.

Additionally, Latin America has a large unmet need, and Asia Pacific has a large population and a growing economy. So these two regions are expected to be the fastest-growing markets for pyrroloquinoline quinone. And it also provides opportunities for participants in the global pyrroloquinoline quinone market.

Europe is the second largest market for pyrroloquinoline quinones products. The region has a well-developed healthcare department and a large number of consumers interested in preventive healthcare.

The Middle East and Africa are the smallest markets for pyrroloquinoline quinones. However, both regions are expected to grow at a high CAGR.

Global PQQ market

What are the Growth Factors of PQQ Raw Material Powder?

  1. Growing consumer awareness of the benefits of PQQ.
  2. The expanding population of developing countries presents opportunities for participants in the global PQQ market.
  3. The rising prevalence of chronic diseases like Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, diabetes, and so on will also drive the demand for PQQ bulk powder over the forecast period.

What are the Main Challenges Facing the PQQ Market?

The major challenge facing the global pyrroloquinoline quinone market participants is the high cost of production.

According to the data published on the Internet, China’s attention to PQQ is still the production of raw materials, and the raw materials produced are mainly used for export. There is still little research on its efficacy, and relevant companies must conduct more in-depth and comprehensive research and development and do a good job of scientific endorsement.

PQQ powder production

Moreover, the market application of PQQ bulk powder is mainly concentrated in the international market. PQQ bulk powder has a wide range of applications. For example, in the United States, companies can use PQQ powder in energy drinks, sports drinks, electrolyte drinks and so on. And in the EU and Canada, PQQ powder can be used as a dietary supplement and natural health product.

However, when PQQ bulk powder is approved as a new food ingredient in China, it is only specified for use in beverages. The recommended consumption is less than or equal to 20 mg/day, and the production process approved by the regulations is synthetic. In addition, the PQQ application market tends to be blank. It directly leads to little consumer understanding of the efficacy of PQQ.

Therefore, when companies launch related products, they need to spend time, energy and cost to educate consumers so that consumers can understand and trust the health benefits of PQQ. It will be a long process. It is also an important prerequisite for PQQ to truly enter the Chinese domestic market.


PQQ bulk powder has outstanding health care, nutrition, and health functions as a functional raw material. With the enhancement of residents’ awareness of health care, the market demand for PQQ bulk powder will continue to be released. At present, the development of China’s PQQ market is still insufficient, and its application in brain health, oral beauty, energy supplements, sleep aid, etc., is still in the preliminary stage. The application of food, health products, medicine, cosmetics, and other fields will be more in-depth, and the future development of the PQQ market is promising.

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