Procyanidin: The Secret Behind the French Paradox


Procyanidin: The Secret Behind the French Paradox

Isolating Procyanidins from plant sources such as apples, cranberry and cocoa beans and including them into health supplement formulations is proven to be one of the best ways to improve arterial health and wellness for longer and better overall cardiovascular function. For centuries, individuals taking Procyanidin-containing fruits have been shown to have improved circulatory processes. Although the compound is not the only reason for the health benefit, modern scientific studies reveal that Procyanidin in fruits play very important roles in improving arterial wall elasticity to prevent susceptibility to breakage brought about by pressure. Many other claims have been established as to the health benefits of Procyanidin but due to lack of confirmatory researches, the compound is not yet recognized as a medicine source.

What is Procyanidin?

Belonging to the vast chemical group of condensed tannins, Procyanidin is primarily subjected to health studies in relation to its effects in the cardiovascular system and the cancer development inhibition process. In the early 1800’s, the study on compounds present in wine, including Procyanidin, were initiated following findings of the French paradox which refers to a remark that individuals commonly taking wine, specifically, French men, have lower risks for development of heart disorders. Quantitative studies to determine whether the observation can be accurate or not were then initiated in various parts of the world, yielding varying results but leading to a similar conclusion that Procyanidins may indeed improve cardiovascular health.

Health benefits of taking Procyanidin health supplements

Although the pharmaceutical companies have not yet formulated Procyanidin-containing medications indicated for specific cardiovascular diseases, many manufacturers of health supplements have included Procyanidin in their formulations to help improve heart health. Some other benefits of using Procyanidin include the following:

  1. It reduces oxidative stress

Long-term unhealthy lifestyle leads to an attack in various biological processes brought about by an increase in toxic compound levels in the body. This condition is commonly referred to as oxidative stress. Studies show that Procyanindin supplementation is one of the key solutions in the prevention of oxidative stress. Aside from improving cardiac function, Procyanidin also helps in the detoxification of the human body, thus preventing oxidative stress.

  1. It has antioxidant functions

Classified as a flavonoid, Procyanidin is believed to have antioxidant functions primarily in the elimination of circulating free radicals in the blood stream. Free radicals are cancer-causing agents which are not commonly eliminated by ordinary bodily processes of detoxification. Taking Procyanidin supplements, according to experts, may help promote elimination of free radicals and prevent cancer.

  1. It may lower cholesterol levels

Further studies also reveal that Procyanidin helps improve cardiac function by lowering cholesterol and triglyceride levels. Qualitative studies to establish the claim have already been initiated.


Improving wellness through Procyanidin supplementation is highly advisable among adults and elderly individuals. The compound is also safe and effective, being derived from natural source.


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