Prolonged Vitamin C Bioavailability with Ascorbyl Palmitate

Ascorbyl Palmitate

Prolonged Vitamin C Bioavailability with Ascorbyl Palmitate

Fat-soluble vitamins have longer bioavailability in the body compared to water-soluble ones as they are retained in the adipose tissues instead of being eliminated rapidly through urination. There are only four vitamins naturally soluble to fat known to men which are Vitamins A, D, E and K but with advanced technological methods, scientists were able to develop a fat-soluble derivative of Vitamin C known as AscorbylPalmitate. The compound AscorbylPalmitate, although not yet fully explored, is believed to help improve wellness through various mechanisms of action. With is longer bioavailability, it is also said to be more potent that the water-soluble type of Vitamin C.

What is Ascorbyl Palmitate?

In most aspects, Ascorbyl Palmitate functions just like Vitamin C. It is differentiated only in terms of half-life and bioavailability. Most health supplements manufacturers have shifted from using Ascorbic acid or the water-soluble vitamin C into Ascorbyl Palmitate due to its improved health benefits. Since the compound is not associated with any side effects,  most individuals, young or old, may take Ascorbyl Palmitate supplements without worrying about complications.

Health Benefits of Ascorbyl Palmitate

The many health benefits of using Ascorbyl Palmitate are vastly based on Vitamin C health effects. In a recently conducted study, however, experts found that the long bioavailability character of the compound may lead to health benefits not related to water-soluble Vitamin C. The following are the known benefits of using Ascorbyl Palmitate through supplementation:

  • It boosts immunity

Foods containing Vitamin C have long been known to enhance immunity and increase bodily defenses against microbial infection. Studies show that the fat-soluble Ascorbyl Palmitate may help boost immune system function by stimulating production of T-cells in the thymus gland which plays vital roles in phagocytosis and inflammation responses. The compound also increases interferons which are essential for viral infection treatments.

  • It improves skin, bone and muscle health

Connective tissues which make up most of the bones, muscles and skin are made of collagen and other protein fibers. In one study, it was found that Ascorbyl Palmitate helps increase collagen production to promote growth and development of bones, skin cells and muscle tissues. It also helps stimulates healing of scar tissues and promote faster recovery from fractures and dislocations. It may, however, take several weeks of supplementation before these benefits may be manifested.

  • It may control aging

Some experts also categorize Ascorbyl Palmitate as a potent antioxidant which contributes in aging control and prevention of rapid cell degeneration. Combined with other antioxidant vitamins like Vitamin E, Ascorbyl Palmitate is believed to help prevent the appearance of early signs of aging such as wrinkles and dark circles under the eyes.


Ascorbyl Palmitate is known as the best derivate of Vitamin C for several reasons. Instead of plain water soluble Ascorbic Acid, many experts highly recommend Ascorbyl Palmitate supplementation.

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