Protecting Cell Membranes through Distearoylphosphatidyl serine supplementation

Distearoylphosphatidyl serine

Protecting Cell Membranes through Distearoylphosphatidyl serine supplementation

All vitamins, minerals and medications work upon body cells only after passing through an outer layer known as the cell membrane. Aside from chemicals and nutrients, viruses, bacteria and microorganisms also enter the cells through the membrane. This theory being in mind, experts have developed an idea which provides that strengthening the cell membrane’s resistance against can help prevent development of certain disorders on the cellular level. In one study, it was suggested that increasing phosphatidyl serine levels through Distearoylphosphatidyl serine supplementation may help support cell membrane development as the compound is among the baseline components of various cell parts.

What is Distearoylphosphatidyl serine?

Distearoylphosphatidyl serine is a glycerophospholipid compound which plays vital roles in the making up of several cell structures which include, among others, the cell membrane. It is also said to be a prime component of platelets of the blood which are responsible for blood clotting in cases of escape of blood into the interstitial spaces. Experts say that the compound is also essential in the inducement of programmed cell death or apoptosis as without such, cells will continue to grow in number abnormally and produce tumors or cancers. The use of Distearoylphosphatidyl serine in the field of health supplement is not yet widespread as other health compounds but with the rise of belief in cell membrane protective theory, researches show that the demand for the compound is expected to rise in the next few years.

What are the benefits of using Distearoylphosphatidyl serine supplements?

In the long run, using Distearoylphosphatidyl serine is shown to be very helpful among patients and adult users. The following are among the claimed benefits of using Distearoylphosphatidyl serine:

  1. It may enhance cancer cell death

Upon reaching the peak of maturation, phosphatidylserine in the cell membrane releases certain compounds which stimulate phagocytic cells to engulf the dying cells. Since cancer is characterized by an abnormal growth in the number of body cells, experts say that supplementation of the compound may help stimulate phagocytic systems and promote reduction of growing body cells.

  1. It may enhance brain function

Most body cells, including brain cells, contain relative amounts of phosphatidylserine for activity maintenance. Increasing the compound’s levels through Distearoylphosphatidyl serine supplements is also believed to enhance brain function by optimizing brain cell activity and preventing their rapid decline.

  1. It can prevent Alzheimer’s and Dementia

Distearoylphosphatidyl serine is also shown to protect neurons effectively from damaging factors such as stress hormones and toxic compounds. Prolonging nerve cell life through neuroprotective activities is one of the key components of Azheimer’s Disease and Dementia prevention.


The compound Distearoylphosphatidyl serine is prepared under strict laboratory procedures to provide health benefits. It being a synthetic chemical, caution is raised for individual users suffering from serious conditions.

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