Psoraleacorylifolia P.E.: The Newest Element for Chemoprotection

Psoraleacorylifolia P.E

Psoraleacorylifolia P.E.: The Newest Element for Chemoprotection

For years since the beginning of scientific researches on ancient Indian Ayurveda herbs, Psoraleacorylifolia has remained to be a mysteriously healthful element. While most benefits and health uses of the Psoraleacorylifolia are recognized, there seem to be a missing link as to how the active compounds of the plant really works. Several researches are currently being conducted to determine how flavonoid elements as well as coumarin compounds found in Psoraleacorylifolia may help promote health, especially in terms of cancer prevention, inflammation control and reproductive health treatments.

What is Psoraleacorylifolia P.E.?

Many health supplement products now include Psoraleacorylifolia in their formulations due to the many claims associated with its benefits. Although the use of the herb is not yet approved by Food and Drug Association of the United States, certain independent studies conducted on different years throughout the decade show potential effects of the active compounds of the herb. Psoraleacorylifolia P.E. has long been used in many systems of alternative medical practices for its various health effects. With the advent of advanced technological studies, experts believe that new remedies associated with use of various parts of the herb may be discovered.

What benefits may be derived from Psoraleacorylifolia P.E. use?

Experts believe that the active compounds found in Psoraleacorylifolia, when combined with other health supplement ingredients, may promote health, wellness and longevity among adult users. It contributes health benefits affecting various organ systems of the human body including the reproductive system.

The following are some of the most well-known health benefits of using Psoraleacorylifolia P.E.:

  1. It is a chemoprotective health ingredient

Aside from effectively preventing cancer cell growth through unclear mechanisms of action, many physicians advise patients to take Psoraleacorylifolia health supplements during chemotherapy sessions as the active compounds of the supplement are believed to contribute to certain chemoprotective effects. Psoraleacorylifolia use helps control occurrences of unlikely symptoms associated with chemotherapy which include nausea and vomiting, thinning of the gastrointestinal walls and hair loss. Some experts say that the chemoprotective effects of Psoraleacorylifolia is brought about by the ability of its active components to prevent cell destruction during chemo sessions.

  1. It may cure leprosy

Leprosy being a common disease in the early days, health practitioners has included Psoraleacorylifolia in the development of ancient treatment for the disease. Although the disease is believed to be cured by the effective combination of herbs, some experts of the modern days believe that Psoraleacorylifolia has a great contribution in the treatment of Leprosy. There is no clear understanding to date as to how Psoraleacorylifolia effectively reduces microorganisms causing Leprosy but the claim is now backed with several independent studies.

  1. It may cure anemia

Anemia, or the reduction of red blood cells, is also believed to be cured by Psoraleacorylifolia supplementation. This claim, however, still requires scientific back up.


Psoraleacorylifolia P.E. is most effective when combined with other herbal compounds. Many studies are necessary, however, to prove other claims associated with Psoraleacorylifolia use.

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