Pterostilbene: A Resveratrol Relative with Superior – Bioavailability for Anti-aging and Longevity Benefits

Pterostilbene is a Resveratrol Relative with Superior - Bioavailability for Anti-aging and Longevity Benefits

Pterostilbene: A Resveratrol Relative with Superior – Bioavailability for Anti-aging and Longevity Benefits

Pterostilbene is a uniquely structured dietary supplement ingredient that is shown to have powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects. It is known to enhance cardiovascular function, support longevity and promote healthy aging. The compound is also claimed to enhance overall cognitive function.

What is Pterostilbene?

Pterostilbene is a stilbenoid compound that is structurally related to the popular antioxidant compound Resveratrol. It occurs naturally in nature and consists of trans-stilbene bearing a hydroxy group at position 4 as well as two methoxy substituents at positions 3′ and 5′. The compound is primarily studied upon for its potential effects in preventing the activation of many signaling patterns for carcinogenesis. Pterostilbene has known activated roles as a neoplastic agent, an apoptosis inducer, and a cytoprotective agent.

There are several names by which Pterostilbene is known in the dietary supplement manufacturing field. These include Dimethylresveratrol, Pterocarpus marsupium Heart Wood, trans pterostilbene, trans-pterostilbene, pteropure, synthetic pterostilbene, Methylated Resvertrol, Dimethoxyresveratrol, pTeroWhite, and Vaccinium uliginosum L. The compound is also known for its brand names such as Pteropure and Silbinol. It is identified as having CAS number 537-42-8 and molecular formula C16H16O3. The molecular weight of the compound is 256.296 g/mol.

Pterostilbene has an off-white to light brown powder appearance. It is generally soluble in methanol or DMSO but is insoluble in water.

Pterostilbene vs Resveratrol

Pterostilbene and Resveratrol have essentially similar molecular structures. However, they differ in certain aspects, which also leads to the conclusion that Pterostilbene may be better than Resveratrol.

The CAS number of Resveratrol is 501-36-0 while that of Pterostilbene is 537-42-8. The molecular formula of Resveratrol is C14H12O3, while that of Pterostilbene is C16H16O3. In terms of molecular structure, the difference between the said compounds is that Resveratrol has three hydroxyl (−OH) groups. In contrast, Pterostilbene has two methoxy (–OCH3) groups and one −OH group.

Due to its dimethoxy groups at C3 and C5 of ring A, studies show that Pterostilbene’s pharmacologic effects are stronger than that of Resveratrol. The structure of the said compound makes it more lipophilic, which, in effect, increases its bioavailability, and permeability in membranes.

While Resveratrol is found to be a promising antioxidant agent several years ago, it was later observed to have very poor bioavailability. This is the reason why many manufacturers of modern antioxidant dietary supplements prefer Pterostilbene over Resveratrol.

Pterostilbene sources

Pterostilbene occurs naturally in food sources including blueberries, Pterocarpus marsupium, almonds, mulberries, peanuts, and red grapes. The compound may also be found in red wine.

With the increased demand for Pterostilbene, it is now produced through synthetic procedures under advanced laboratory practices.

Pterostilbene forms and specifications

Pterostilbene powder in dietary supplement products is either from natural sources or manufactured synthetically. Natural Pterostilbene powder may come in 10%, 20%, or 50% purity formulations while synthetic Pterostilbene usually has a 99% purity. These products may be purchased in bulk or lesser quantities for dietary supplement formulations from ingredient suppliers like Nutriavenue.

Pterostilbene powder, when bought in bulk, is usually packed in paper drums with two layers of poly bags to increase protection. When buying from Nutriavenue, you may request a different packaging modality depending on the quantity of the Pterostilbene powder you purchase or based on your individual preferences.

Quercetin and Pterostilbene

Both Quercetin and Pterostilbene are known to possess potent antioxidant effects. In one study, it was found that a combination of the said compound has effectively reduced metastatic cancer cells growth in the liver. It is also shown to reduce proliferation in melanoma.

Pterostilbene Caffeine

A breakthrough study on Pterostilbene has found that the compound, when bound with Caffeine, effectively slows down the absorption rate of the latter and increases its half-life. In effect, it is found that the Pterostilbene Caffeine combination may increase the total effect of Caffeine by up to thirty percent and even reduce crashing symptoms associated with Caffeine.

Pterostilbene and Nicotinamide Riboside

Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide is an important factor for various bodily processes including metabolism and longevity. According to studies, a combination of Nicotinamide Riboside, a form of Vitamin B3, and Pterostilbene may increase Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide levels, thereby promoting metabolism and vital bodily processes.

How does Pterostilbene work?

Calorie restriction mimetics are interesting compounds that are believed to activate survival mechanisms and promote anti-aging effects in the body. Pterostilbene is among the most well-known calorie restriction mimetics.

As a calorie restriction mimetic, the compound is believed to work in three different pathways. One of which is that it reduces the expression of the mammalian target of rapamycin (mTOR) which is a factor affecting a person’s aging. MTOR reduction, based on studies, results in effective combatting of rapid aging and longevity.

In another study, it was found that the compound may also activate adenosine monophosphate-activated protein kinase or AMPK which allows the body to produce cellular energy and protect cells from various conditions including obesity and diabetes. Lastly, the compound works as a calorie restriction mimetic by regulating the activation of silent information regulators (SIR), or sirtuins. These compounds are key anti-aging molecules that regulate gene expression and promote DNA repair.

Pterostilbene Manufacturing Process

Commercially available Pterostilbene is mostly produced synthetically as obtaining the product from natural extraction is found to be quite expensive.

One method to produce Pterostilbene involves the use of intracellular L-tyrosine from an engineered E.coli strain. This procedure required the activity of four enzymes, which include tyrosine ammonia-lyase (TAL), p-coumarate: CoA ligase (CCL), stilbene synthase (STS), and resveratrol O-methyltransferase (ROMT).

The process begins with the conversion of L-tyrosine into p-coumarin acid through the first enzyme tyrosine ammonia-lyase (TAL). Using p-coumarate CoA ligase (CCL), p-coumarin acid is converted to its activated form p-coumaroyl-CoA. Thereafter, p-coumaroyl-CoA condensed with three molecules of malonyl-CoA through the enzyme stilbene synthase (STS). Resveratrol is then produced through this step. Using resveratrol O-methyltransferase (ROMT), Resveratrol is converted into its analogs, namely, pinostilbene and pterostilbene. Thus, the compound Pterostilbene is obtained.’

Pterostilbene Benefits

The following are among the health benefits of using Pterostilbene in dietary supplement products:

It enhances cardiovascular function

As a potent antioxidant, it is believed that Pterostilbene may effectively enhance cardiovascular function. This is because it reduces oxidative stress and prevents hypertrophy in heart muscles.

It supports longevity and healthy aging

It is believed that the calorie restriction mimetic effects of Pterostilbene may contribute to longevity and healthy aging as it activates certain enzymes that help cells age and function healthily.

It supports optimal cognitive function

Just like Resveratrol, it is believed that Pterostilbene can cross the blood-brain barrier. Hence, it may enhance cognitive functions by preventing the rapid decline in brain cells and brain function.

Other health benefits

The compound has also been associated with cholesterol control and weight loss through its calorie restriction mimetic effects. Studies also show that it may have effects in increasing testosterone levels and supporting bodybuilding efforts.

Pterostilbene side effects

The use of Pterostilbene in dietary supplement products is not necessarily associated with side effects. However, some users may experience mild gastrointestinal symptoms which are expected to resolve eventually.

Pterostilbene dosage

It is believed that the use of Pterostilbene for up to 250mg per day is safe and effective. Nonetheless, the recommended dose may vary depending on the individual user’s weight, age, and overall physical condition.

Where to buy bulk Pterostilbene powder?

Bulk Pterostilbene powder may be available for purchase in ingredient supply companies like Nutriavenue. If you are looking for a supplier offering high-quality products at very affordable prices, you have come to the right place.

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