Pueraria isoflavones: The Best Cancer-Fighting Compounds in Pueraria

Pueraria isoflavones

Pueraria isoflavones: The Best Cancer-Fighting Compounds in Pueraria

Isoflavones are among the most important components of health supplement herbal extracts as they are known to have antioxidant effects, along with their well-established action in terms of cancer prevention. While most of the compounds falling within the category of isoflavones are generally considered as anti-cancer, there are specific types of isoflavones which have more efficient functions due to their molecular structure and bioavailability. Pueraria isoflavones are highly acclaimed in the field of alternative medicine for their unique ability to promote wellness in various ways. Isoflavone compounds in Pueraria are believed to be primarily responsible for the health effects of the herbal supplement ingredient, although the other component compounds of Pueraria may also have contributory effects. The exact mechanism as to how Pueraria isoflavones prevent cancer is not yet fully understood but quantitative studies are available to back the claims.

What are Pueraria isoflavones?

Pueraria isoflavones refer to the class of phytoestrogen compounds isolated from certain parts of the medicinal plant family Pueraria. These isoflavones include Daidzein, Methylpuerarin, Daidzein glucopyranoside and Daidzin. Although these isoflavones are highly effective, the main isoflavone found in Pueraria herbs which is responsible for many of the health effects of the herb is Puerarin. Pueraria isoflavones have long been a subject of studies in areas across China. Earliest records on the subject dates back to the 1970’s where medications for circulatory disorders were also developed using Pueraria isoflavones. Today, studies on Pueraria isoflavones mainly focus on its effects in possibly treating cancer and controlling metastasis of cancer cells from one organ to another. Some pilot studies on these health supplement components have also been conducted to determine its effects in the neurologic system.

Health benefits of Pueraria isoflavones

While some supplement manufacturers use Pueraria extract in formulations, some others directly isolate Pueraria isoflavones for better results. Some of the uses of Pueraria isoflavones include the following:

  • It may help lower blood pressure

Studies show that taking supplements with Pueraria isoflavones help lower blood pressure, thereby resulting to improved circulation and prevention of strokes and heart attacks. Pueraria isoflavones are also claimed to improve circulation towards the brain.

  • It has neuro-protective abilities

Pueraria isoflavones are also believed to protect neurons or brain cells from damaging factors which include stress and toxin accumulation. Some of the Pueraria isoflavones effectively detoxify the brain and prevent deterioration of brain cells which often result to slowed reaction time and difficulty in cognitive function exercise.

  • It may help treat dizziness

Dizziness is often a symptom of lack of oxygenation in the brain. Pueraria isoflavones increase brain oxygenation through certain mechanisms of action. This results to prevention of dizziness.


Pueraria isoflavones are beset taken through health supplement formulations. These compounds are safe and effective for everyday use.

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