Pueraria Mirifica Extract Fountain of Youth

Pueraria Mirifica Extract

Pueraria Mirifica Extract Fountain of Youth

Marketed as the modern replacement for the much desired “fountain of youth”, Pueraria Mirifica extract has rapidly became popular in the recent years. The most significant claim on Pueraria Mirifica extract which has stirred the emotion of many individuals is the belief that the active ingredients of the extract may help promote breast enlargement among women without the need of surgical augmentation. After series of clinical tests and intensive studies, experts have found that Pueraria Mirifica extract yields positive effects on breast enlargement, although the benefit may not be as noticeable within the first few doses. Deeper studies are being conducted today to fully understand how the drug really works.

What is Pueraria Mirifica extract?

The tuberous herb Pueraria Mirifica has historically been used in treatment of several conditions associated with aging. In the early 1900’s, experts have discovered writings on Buddhist temples stating the many effects of using Pueraria Mirifica extract which included memory enhancement, parasitic infection treatment and even skin health improvement. Several books on traditional treatments uncovered by archeologists in several ruined temples have also illustrated extraction procedures for Pueraria Mirifica extract, as well as the herb’s potential health effects. Today, studies are being conducted to determine whether the stated claims are scientifically acceptable.

What are the benefits of usingPuerariaMirifica extract?

Known as a highly estrogenic herb, Pueraria Mirifica is established to contribute in the treatment of several hormone imbalance-associated disorders. The extract is also known to have rejuvenating effects, which is a beneficial effect among elderly individuals. The following are some of the health benefits of using Pueraria Mirifica extract:

  • It controls post-menopausal symptoms

The cessation of menstruation among women is known as menopause. Although the age of menopause is not standardized, almost all women who undergo this stage of life experience stressful symptoms such as body pains, hot flushes, mood swings and others. Studies show that health supplements containing Pueraria Mirifica extract may help reduce and control post-menopausal symptoms by regulating hormonal levels naturally without putting the patient’s life at risk. Pueraria Mirifica extract, however, cannot restore menstrual periods like some synthetic hormonal replacement therapies usually do.

  • It controls signs of aging

The appearance of early signs of aging is preventable through healthy diet, regular exercise and the use of health supplements containing Pueraria Mirifica extract. The extract helps stimulate skin cell regeneration which prevents accumulation of dead cells in the surface of the skin and promotes resurfacing of new skin cells. It also helps eliminate toxins in the body which destroy cells and stimulate rapid aging.

  • It may contribute to cancer prevention

Even before cancer strikes, it should be prevented through the use of antioxidant-containing health supplements. Pueraria Mirifica extract contains several antioxidants which may prevent cancer by eliminating circulating free radicals in the body cells.


Due to the ability of the drug to interact with estrogen production, lactating and pregnant women are not advised to take Pueraria Mirifica extract-containing health supplements. Pueraria Mirifica extract, as claimed in the recent years, can possibly be the modern “fountain of youth”.

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