Pulsatilla extract: The Powerful Aphrodisiac of Ancient Mythology

Pulsatilla extract

Pulsatilla extract: The Powerful Aphrodisiac of Ancient Mythology

The aphrodisiac effects of Pulsatilla extract are claimed to have been observed in as early as ancient centuries as it has been mentioned in many fictional stories including Greek mythologies. While modern medical researches show that the compounds found in the extract have primarily effects in sedation and bacterial infection control, many individuals are more interested in using Pulsatilla extract as a tool for reproductive health and wellness enhancer. Among both men and women, Pulsatilla extract is known to contribute to the promotion of reproductive health. Although the claims associated with its use are not yet fully proven, many individuals who have used Pulsatilla extract have testified on its efficiency. Quantitative studies conducted on animal subjects also corroborate health claims associated with Pulsatilla extract supplementation.

What is Pulsatilla extract?

The Pulsatilla plant is an ancient herbal plant with leaves and other above-ground parts being used in medicine formulation. It is known to contain compounds which cure not only physical pain brought about by skin trauma and wounds but also emotional and mental pain brought about by traumatic histories. As a homeopathic medicine, Pulsatilla extract is believed to cure fatigue, exhaustion and many symptoms of exposure to high levels of stress. It is specially indicated for men and women who are suffering from stress symptoms and whose reproductive health is at risk due to various factors. There are limited to no risks associated with the use of the health supplement ingredient but it must be taken with caution among those who are suffering from serious health conditions.

Health benefits of using Pulsatilla extract

Pulsatilla extract may work in various extents among individual users depending on dose, age and other contributory factors such as existence of hormonal imbalances. It generally provides many health benefits, including the following:

  • It may treat nervous system problems

The nervous system may deteriorate rapidly with frequent exposure to high levels of stress and lack of physical activities. Studies show that Pulsatilla extract may help relieve nervous system breakdown and promote maximized cognitive functions as it helps prevent neurotransmitter imbalances and enhance hormonal homeostasis. It may also help prevent Schizophrenia, Dementia and other mental health diseases.

  • It prevents painful reproductive health conditions

Reproductive illnesses which manifest through pain such as orchitis among men and dysmenorrhea among women are claimed to be prevented through Pulsatilla extract supplementation. There are no exact qualitative researches available to establish the claims but they can be backed by many quantitative studies.

  • It may help cure tension headache

Tension headaches which are often experienced by middle-age adults during stressful situations may also be cured and prevented with Pulsatilla extract supplementation. The compounds in the extract help enhance circulation of blood in the brain, thereby preventing tension headache.


Pulsatilla extract is a healthy supplement ingredient. Not only is it safe for use as it is derived from natural sources but it is also proven effective by many quantitative researches.

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