Punicalagin: The Pomegranate Compound Benefits


Punicalagin: The Pomegranate Compound Benefits

The Pomegranate fruit has long been known to be influential in the development of modern alternative medicine practices. Aside from its widespread use in controlling inflammation including those which have been manifesting for long periods of time, modern researches also show that the fruit contains compounds necessary for cancer prevention and disease control. Among the most important compounds in Pomegranate which is believed to play the greatest role in relation to the health benefits of the fruit is phenolic compound Punicalagin. Experts once thought that the compound Punicalagin has no significant effects when isolated from its natural fruit sources including Pomegranate but it was established in many individual quantitative researches that the compound can be very useful even when used on its own.

What is Punicalagin?

The compound Punicalagin is isolated not only from Pomegranate but also from other plant species found in South Africa. Large percentage of Punicalagin which is used in the field of health supplement manufacture comes from Pomegranate. The interest on Punicalagin and its effects on the human body began following discovery that it has powerful antioxidant effects. The cancer-preventing benefit of Pomegranate is said to be brought about by its Punicalagin content, although some other compounds in the fruit may also contribute to the health benefit. Another advantage of using Punicalagin is that it has long bioavailability and is soluble in water. This means that it can stay in the body for use of cells for long periods of time.

Health benefits of using Punicalagin

Although most researches on Punicalagin are primarily aimed at fully discovering its cancer controlling benefits, many independent studies show that it may provide some other health benefits to long-time individual users. The following are among the other benefits of using Punicalagin:

  • It may slow down cell aging

Antioxidant compounds like Punicalagin are well-known in terms of slowing down cell aging, especially skin cells, as they help eliminate toxins in the organelles which alter aging rate and prevent development of new cells. Many individuals use Punicalagin as it is said to enhance skin cell appearance and overall integumentary system wellness.

  • It may promote detoxification

Punicalagin also promotes detoxification of body organs to promote normal functioning and prevent slowing down of bodily processes including metabolism and digestion. Effective detoxification leads to the prevention of various health conditions including Diabetes Mellitus.

  • It may lower cardiovascular disease risk

Some researchers say that the compound Punicalagin in Pomegranate is probably the reason why the fruit is effective in in lowering cholesterol levels and preventing heart diseases. This claim is not, however, fully understood as of yet.


Pomegranate’s Punicalagin is very useful for modern adults and younger individuals. Aside from lowering cancer risk, it may also promote improved skin appearance and prevent many illnesses.

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