PygeumAfricanum extract: Effective Treatment for Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia

PygeumAfricanum extract

PygeumAfricanum extract: Effective Treatment for Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia

In the early 1700’s, ancient health practitioners began to develop certain treatments for bladder disorder and other inflammatory conditions of the urinary system through the use of an ancient evergreen tree known as Pygeum Africanum. With the spread of information on the potential effects of Pygeum Africanum extract in the treatment of various urinary symptoms, European scientists in the mid years of 1960’s began to conduct studies to develop possibilities of treating Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia or BPH with the extract5. Thus, researchers were able to determine an association between the growth of cells in the prostate of subjects and the use of Pygeum Africanum extract. Many other studies are being conducted in the modern days to discover the health effects of Pygeum Africanum extract but due to lack of human studies, health claims on Pygeum Africanum remain as mere theories.

What is Pygeum Africanum extract?

The bark of the Pygeum Africanum is usually the main source of Pygeum Africanum extract which is currently used by many manufacturers in the formulation of health supplements. The most important clinical study on PygeumAfricanum is focused on its effects in controlling symptoms as well as the progression of BPH. In one study, it was revealed that PygeumAfricanum extract as treatment for the condition is associated with fewer side effects as compared to other pharmaceutical drugs used in its cure. It is, however, emphasized that PygeumAfricanum extract must only be used within recommended doses as overdose can result to dangerous side effects.

Health benefits of using Pygeum Africanum extract

In most health care settings, the following claimed benefits of  Pygeum Africanum extract are well accepted:

  • It may enhance testosterone levels

In relation to studies on the effects of Pygeum Africanum extract in treating BPH, experts were able to conduct researches on the potential effects of the extract in enhancing testosterone levels. It was, indeed, found to possibly increase testosterone among elderly individuals with declining levels of the hormone. The extract is usually combined with nettle root to provide testosterone-enhancing health benefits.

  • It may improve sexual function

Certain independent studies on Pygeum Africanum extract also show potential uses of the active components of the drug in improving sexual function among male users. There are several theories adopted by experts on how Pygeum Africanum extract works as an aphrodisiac but most scientists say that it is mainly associated with its testosterone-boosting effects.

  • It may work against other cancer types

Other than BPH, some experts have explored on determining whether Pygeum Africanum extract may work on other types of cancers. It was found that certain active components of the extract have free radical-eliminating properties which may contribute to cancer prevention and tumor growth control.


Pygeum Africanum extract as treatment for BPH is not a new discovery in the field of medicine. Scientists are, however, still searching on exact explanations as to how Pygeum Africanum treats BPH.

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