Pyritinol HCL: The brain supplement for Hangovers

Pyritinol HCL

Pyritinol HCL: The brain supplement for Hangovers

A lot of factors may affect a child’s learning abilities such as hereditary considerations, diet and environment but for most adults, the only reason why their cognitive functions decline is because of brain cell degeneration. With the goal of slowing down to the rapid decline in brain function among elderly individuals, chemists have developed compound derivatives which enhance neuron health and overall brain activity. These compounds were later termed as nootropics or brain supplement. Among the earliest brain supplements ever developed under laboratory settings is the popular compound Pyritinol HCl. Since the compound has already been subjected to several studies since its discovery in 1961, experts say that it is among the safest compounds for health supplement manufacture.

What is Pyritinol HCL?

Pyritinol HCl is a result of the combination of two Vitamin B6 or pyroxidine structures. It has been used widely as a prescription drug in the early 1970’s among adults and children who are suffering from different degrees of learning disabilities but in the 1900’s, when nootropic use became widespread, Pyritinol HCl has become an over-the-counter drug in the form of health supplements. The use of Pyritinol HCl in health care settings has been approved in various countries across the world including Austria, Germany, Italy and France but to date, there has been no approval for Pyritinol HCl use under the Food and Drug Association of the United States.

Health benefits of using Pyritinol HCL

Like all other brain supplements, Pyritinol HCL is believed to efficiently improve brain function by crossing the blood brain barrier. Experts, however, have a very limited understanding as to how the drug works after crossing the brain barrier as very minute brain structures are sensitive and difficult to be studied upon.

The health benefits of using Pyritinol HCL include the following:

  • It improves reaction time

Cognitive function includes all activities of the brain such as the ability to respond to a certain stimuli. For some individuals, reaction time may be prolonged due to slowed brain activity. Pyritinol HCl is shown to enhance reaction time by improving nerve cell impulse transmission from the site of stimulation to the site of interpretation in the brain. The compound is said to be effective both among children and adults for purposes of reaction time improvement.

  • It may reduce hangovers

Individuals having hangovers have slowed brain activity due to high alcohol intoxication in the blood, liver and other body organs. Studies show that Pyritinol HCl supplementation may help reduce the effects of cancer by facilitating elimination of alcohol in the body. It also stimulates brain function by activating brain cell function.

  • It boosts energy

Pyritinol HCl also boosts energy and motivation by causing certain changes in neurotransmitter production in the brain. Certain neurotransmitters increase metabolism and the breakdown of glucose reserves leading to increase in energy production.


As a nootropic compound which has existed for decades, Pyritinol HCl is classified as safe. Its widespread efficiency is also recognized worldwide.

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