2 Things We Want To Tell You About Quercetin Bulk Powder

What Are The Source Of Quercetin?

The raw material of Quercetin powder is sophora japonica. And sophora japonica is the unflowered buds of the sophora japonica tree. Generally, the locust tree used for bulk Quercetin powder is the national locust tree, which has a higher extraction content.

What Else Do You Need To Know About Quercetin?

1. There is no organic Quercetin in China.

Quercetin’s organic certification is basically difficult to pass, mainly because the soil pesticide residues do not meet the standards. It is difficult to achieve.

In addition, organic Quercetin requires its raw materials to be organic as well. However, some pagoda trees are grown artificially, which cannot meet organic standards at all.

China uses too many pesticides. With rain, the pesticide residues in the soil will spread, which is a troublesome thing. It’s hard to find raw materials with no pesticide residues.

However, even if the pesticide residues meet the standards, the yield may not meet the standards. Many other agricultural products cannot pass the organic certification because of this pesticide residue.

2. The export declaration of Quercetin needs to be declared with sophora japonica extract.

Sophora japonica extract is the raw material name of Quercetin. Because if you use the name Quercetin to declare, you need to use a dangerous package certificate, and the export procedure will become very complicated.

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