Quercetin dihydrate: The Supplement Ingredient for Free Radicals Elimination

Quercetin dihydrate

Quercetin dihydrate: The Supplement Ingredient for Free Radicals Elimination

Popular and safest antioxidants for individual use is Quercetin. Studies show that the antioxidant Quercetin is very effective in prolonging longevity, promoting anti-inflammatory effects and preventing cancer cell growth. It is very effective in preventing damages in the cells and tissues of the body brought about by free radicals or toxic compounds which are not typically eliminated through the body’s natural elimination means. There are also studies being conducted to determine whether the compound may enhance immunity responses of the body and whether it may have effects in controlling microbial growth in body cells internally and externally. Although it is believed to be quite useful and beneficial, researches are still being conducted to determine whether it may indeed enhance health and wellness. Also, experts say that the health supplement ingredient Quercetin dihydrate must be used only within recommended doses.

What is Quercetin dihydrate?

Quercetin dihydrate is a popular health supplement ingredient which is present in many formulations as it is very advantageous in the enhancement of overall health. In general, Quercetin is a pigment in plants which is responsible in deep coloration of leaves, fruits and other parts of an herb. It is found in green-leafy vegetables, as well as in berries and broccoli. Although it can be taken from food sources as it is found in many herbs, Quercetin dihydrate is best supplied through health supplement products as it ensures sufficient dietary levels in a day. It may also be used to reduce risks for various forms of cancers as it helps cleanse the body from impurities. In one study, it was also provided that Quercetin dihydrate supplementation may be a good way to prevent development of early signs of aging such as wrinkles and dark spots. Excessive amounts of Quercetin dihydrate, however, may pose risks to health.

Health benefits of using Quercetin dihydrate

The following are some of the advantages of using Quercetin dihydrate:

  1. It may be used for cognitive impairment prevention

Cognitive impairment may be caused by the accumulation of free radicals in the brain. Studies show that by eliminating free radicals, Quercetin dihydrate effectively prevents cognitive impairment and thus enhances overall cognitive function.

  1. It may help control gout

Exacerbations of symptoms of gouty arthritis are brought about by accumulation of uric acid in body joints. Studies reveal that Quercetin dihydrate may also help eliminate uric acid, thereby controlling gout and the exacerbation of its symptoms.

  1. It may reduce cholesterol levels

Quercetin dihydrate supplementation may also be a good way to reduce cholesterol and prevent the dangerous effects of cholesterol accumulation in blood vessels. This benefit may also result in the prevention of heart diseases and Type II Diabetes Mellitus.


Taking Quercetin dihydrate supplements is quite advantageous among healthy individuals. However, it must not be taken in excessively high doses as it may also cause side effects and adverse effects.

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