Radix Adenophorae extract: A Unique Treatment for Weak Pulse

Radix Adenophorae extract

Radix Adenophorae extract: A Unique Treatment for Weak Pulse

Known in the early times as among the highest-graded herbs, Radix Adenophorae has become one of the most interesting herbal supplement sources in the modern health supplement field. Although many of the health benefits of using Radix Adenophorae extract are not yet fully understood under medical researches as most studies have only involved rat and other animal subjects, many researchers say that can be quite useful for general health. Both the leaves and the roots of the herb Radix Adenophorae can be eaten as it is said to be a delicious delicacy but only the roots are usually subjected to extraction procedures for purposes of Radix Adenophorae extract supplementation. Radix Adenophorae extract contains various compounds which are useful in promoting processes in the human body. It is said to help improve overall immunity among individual users, including cell-mediated and non-specific immunity responses of the body. Radix Adenophorae extract is generally safe among individual users.

What is Radix Adenophorae extract?

Radix Adenophorae extract is typically a component of health supplements indicated for individuals who are suffering from respiratory tract conditions. Studies reveal that the compounds in Radix Adenophorae extract are very useful in reducing symptoms of asthma. Aside from controlling alveolar constriction symptoms, Radix Adenophorae extract is also useful in preventing other respiratory tract illnesses associated with increased mucus production. It also works as an expectorant to clear out the lungs and prevent congestion. Radix Adenophorae extract supplements are also said to be potentially useful in preventing cancer cell growth as it contains compounds with anti-proliferative actions. The effects of Radix Adenophorae extract in cancer control are, however, merely preventive and not considered treatment for the disease process as there is no known exact cure for cancer up to the current generation.

What are the benefits of using Radix Adenophorae extract?

Radix Adenophorae extract supplementation provides many health benefits when taken within regulated doses. Aside from reducing cancer risk and enhancing respiratory health, Radix Adenophorae extract may also provide the following benefits:

1. It has antifungal effects

Fungal growth is promoted in a body environment which is ideal for proliferation. Studies show that Radix Adenophorae extract supplementation may be quite useful in controlling fungal growth among patients who are at risk for fungal infection.

2. It is an antipyretic agent

Radix Adenophorae extract also works as an effective antipyretic agent. This means that it helps reduce temperature and control fever among individual patients who are usually experiencing the symptom due to underlying conditions.

3. It may heal weak pulse

Improving weak pulse is among the earliest discovered benefits of using Radix Adenophorae extract. Modern quantitative researches show that it may indeed improve pulse strength.


Health studies on Radix Adenophorae extract in terms of its exact effects on the human body are still lacking. However, it can be accepted as a useful health supplement ingredient as it is backed with actual quantitative researches.

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