Radix platycodi extract: A Modern Safe and Effective Cure For Obesity

Radix platycodi extract

Radix platycodi extract: A Modern Safe and Effective Cure For Obesity

Aside from being a component of some South Korean cuisines, Radix platycodi, also known as Balloon flowers, is traditionally used in curing various illnesses affecting the respiratory system. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine and as confirmed in modern medical studies, Radix platycodi extract effectively promotes phlegm elimination by enhancing secretion and dilating bronchial passages. It also helps reduce coughing. Although the effects of Radix platycodi extract address respiratory tract problems, there are no evidences available to prove whether the compounds in the extract may control bacterial and viral growth in the lung passages. Some researches evidencing potential effects of Radix platycodi extract in enhancing overall immunity, however, have been established in recognized in the field of medicine. Radix platycodi extract may be taken in tea forms but for purposes of effective supplementation, taking Radix platycodi extract health supplements is advisable.

What is Radix platycodi extract?

Radix platycodi extract is a health supplement ingredient used in the promotion of overall wellness. Most of the traditional uses of Radix platycodi extract have already been confirmed in modern medical researches. In addition, experts have observed that Radix platycodi extract may promote weight loss, thereby providing potential treatment for obesity, overweight condition and other health conditions associated with excessive weight. There are no established patterns yet as to how the compounds in Radix platycodi extract promote breakdown of fats and elimination thereof in the human body but quantitative researches on both animal and human subjects have already proven results. Taking Radix platycodi extract supplements is safe and effective for normal adults but those who are suffering from serious medical conditions are advised to seek medical consultation prior to use.

Health benefits of using Radix platycodi extract

Many of the compounds in Radix platycodi extract affect various parts of the human body. The following are among the health benefits of using Radix platycodi extract health supplements:

  1. It can lower blood sugar levels

Diabetic patients who take Radix platycodi extract health supplements are observed to have lowered blood sugar levels after given periods of supplementation. Blood sugar regulation is very important among diabetics to prevent dangerous health effects of hyperglycemia.

  1. It has anti-inflammatory effects

Inflammatory responses of the human body may also be regulated with Radix platycodi extract supplementation. This means that the compounds in the extract may treat inflammatory diseases affecting musculoskeletal system and other organ systems of the body.

  1. It may prevent stress-related ulcers

The claim that Radix platycodi extract may control stress-related ulcers is not yet fully proven but many experts believe that it may have scientific basis. Radix platycodi extract is not yet recognized as a treatment for ulcer.


Radix platycodi extract is an effective supplement ingredient for adults. For purposes of weight loss, however, overdose should be avoided.

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