Radix Polygalae extract: An Ancient Medicine For Brain Health

Radix Polygalae extract

Radix Polygalae extract: An Ancient Medicine For Brain Health

Daoist monks have long believed on the potential benefits of using Radix Polygalae in the treatment of various conditions affecting the nervous system such as depression, anxiety and sleeping disorders. It was later discovered through clinical researchers that Radix Polygalae extract can be used to enhance sexual performance as it helps increase libido levels among men. Most of the health benefits associated with the use of Radix Polygalae extract is connected to the functions of the brain and neurotransmitters. Such being the case, heightened caution is raised on the use of Radix Polygalae extract in health supplement formulations as it primarily targets nervous system functions. Radix Polygalae extract must be taken only within recommended doses. Patients who are suffering from certain diseases are advised to seek physician’s recommendation prior to using supplements with Radix Polygalae extract.

What is Radix Polygalae extract?

Known since the ancient times as an extraordinary super herb, Radix Polygalae or Polygala root is not just like any ordinary health supplement ingredient. The compounds in Radix Polygalae extract uniquely work by providing calming effects among anxious patients and stimulant effects in other cases. The extract effectively balances overall mood, thereby preventing excessive excitement and depression. The health benefits of Radix Polygalae extract on the nervous system can be perfectly combined with other herbal supplement extracts to provide holistic wellness and longevity. Recent medical studies also show that Radix Polygalae extract may work against other conditions affecting organ systems other than the nervous system. Some of the compounds in Radix Polygalae extract are also observed to have anti-tumor or anti-cancer effects. The findings are not, however, conclusive as of the moment due to lack of actual human subject studies.

What are the benefits of using Radix Polygalae extract?

Supplementing nutritional compounds through Radix Polygalae extract supplements can provide a wide range of health benefits. The following are among the many uses of Radix Polygalae extract:

  1. It may enhance memory function

One of the most interesting facts about Radix Polygalae extract today is that it may help cure Alzheimer’s disease by enhancing overall memory function. It may not, however, reverse effects of massive degeneration of brain cells among patients with advanced Alzheimer’s disease.

  1. It has analgesic effects

Radix Polygalae extract may also be included as a component of analgesic regimen among patients who are diagnosed with conditions associated with chronic pain. There are no studies yet which prove the effects of Radix Polygalae extract in immediate pain relief.

  1. It may reduce seizures

Seizures are symptoms of possible brain damage or problems with transmission of electric impulses in the brain. Studies show that Radix Polygalae extract may help reduce occurrences of seizures among patients.


Scientists are currently exploring on the effects of Radix Polygalae extract outside the nervous system. It is believed that the compounds in Radix Polygalae extract will someday be used in treating serious degenerative conditions of the brain.

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