Radix polygoni multiflori extract: The Great Source of the Most Powerful Antioxidant

Radix polygoni multiflori extract

Radix polygoni multiflori extract: The Great Source of the Most Powerful Antioxidant

There are several antioxidant compounds which are found to exist in herbal supplement sources. While many of these antioxidants are shown through scientific researches to really work, there are some specific compounds which are classified as the most potent antioxidant compounds. Among these powerful antioxidants is the compound known as superoxide dismutase. Superoxide dismutase can be taken from various plant sources but it is mostly isolated from a common health supplement ingredient Radix polygoni multiflori extract. Experts say that the Superoxide dismutase content of Radix polygoni multiflori extract is probably the reason why it can promote longevity among individuals, both young and old. Researches also show that long-term supplementation of Radix polygoni multiflori extract is very useful in the prevention of cancer cell growth among high-risk individuals or those who have family histories of cancer development.

What is Radix polygoni multiflori extract?

Radix polygoni multiflori or He Shou Wu herb is a Chinese medical treatment established in modern science as a potential cancer-fighting agent. It has been renowned as a miracle herb in the ancient times as it provides treatment for many illnesses. Not only does it promote vitality but experts also say that Radix polygoni multiflori extract is effective in detoxifying the blood. This means that it helps purify the blood and prevent toxic compounds from accumulating, thereby preventing toxin-associated conditions. It also prevents free radicals from interfering with normal growth of cells, as well as in slowing down bodily processes like metabolism. Many researches are currently being conducted on different laboratory areas to discover more of the health benefits associated with Radix polygoni multiflori extract use. Early claims on the benefits of using the extract are also being subjected to confirmatory studies.

Health benefits of using Radix polygoni multiflori extract

Many other benefits can be enjoyed by individuals taking supplements containing relative amounts of Radix polygoni multiflori extract. These benefits include the following:

  1. It may prevent neurodegenerative conditions

Neurodegenerative conditions are dangerous as they have rapid onset and may be very risky to individual safety. Experts say that the antioxidant compounds in Radix polygoni multiflori extract are useful in preventing neurodegenerative conditions from manifesting. It may be used by older adults for this purpose.

  1. It is an adaptogen

Adult individuals who are exposed to high levels of stress need dosages of adaptogens like Radix polygoni multiflori extract to help their body adjust to stress levels and prevent degenerative effects of stress. Experts say that Radix polygoni multiflori extract is a very potent adaptogen.

  1. It may prevent atherosclerosis

Atherosclerosis, according to quantitative researches, may also be prevented with Radix polygoni multiflori extract supplementation as it contains compounds which lower down cholesterol levels and prevent accumulation of fat molecules in blood vessels.


Aside from its effects in controlling cancer, experts are also considering Radix polygoni multiflori extract as a potential cure for diabetes. It is also believed to prevent other disorders, provided it is taken within recommended doses.

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