Radix Rhapontici extract: Powerful Anti-inflammatory Agent

Radix Rhapontici extract

Radix Rhapontici extract: Powerful Anti-inflammatory Agent

The underlying molecular mechanisms of Radix Rhapontici extract has been the subject of many studies to fully determine how it works in the human body and how it may promote wellness through well-defined patterns. As a traditional treatment for illnesses in various regions across the Eastern Asia, Radix Rhapontici extract is not relatively new in the field of medicine. It is, however, only being introduced in the modern day as a potential health supplement ingredient after establishing claims that it may prevent inflammation following tissue or cellular injuries. Internal inflammations not associated with breaks in the integrity of the skin may also be treated with Radix Rhapontici extract, especially when the health supplement ingredient has long been used before the occurrence of the injury. There are many reasons why individuals are advised to take Radix Rhapontici extract supplements but those who are suffering from certain health conditions must not take the extract without consulting their physicians.

What is Radix Rhapontici extract?

The dried roots of Radix Rhapontici have long been used in Asian regions as a medicine. Recently, Radix Rhapontici extract has been developed to be included in health supplement formulations as it is said to yield higher amounts of essential nutrients. Some of the active components of Radix Rhapontici extract include flavonoids, volative oils and triterpenoid saponins. With these components working together in a single dose of Radix Rhapontici extract, experts have observed that animal subjects administered with the extract have improved immunity function. Some studies were also conducted to determine bacterial and fungal reactions with Radix Rhapontici extract supplementation. It was observed that the extract reduces growth of microorganisms, although not responsive to all strains.

What are the benefits of using Radix Rhapontici extract?

Using Radix Rhapontici extract supplements is ideal for both men and women, especially those who are at high risk for infections. Some of the uses of Radix Rhapontici extract include the following:

  • It may promote lactation

In traditional Chinese medicine, Radix Rhapontici extract is used in promoting lactation or the production of milk by the mammary glands. There are no concrete explanations to this effect as of today but it has already been established in quantitative researches.

  • It has anti-atherosclerotic effects

Some of the active compounds in Radix Rhapontici extract are also observed to have anti-atherosclerotic effects. This means that it prevents formation of atherosclerotic plaques in blood vessels, thereby promoting effective circulation and preventing cardiovascular diseases.

  • It helps reduce toxicity

Studies show that Radix Rhapontici extract may also reduce toxicity and prevent damage to cells brought about by toxins. In terms of cancer prevention, Radix Rhapontici extract is not yet recognized as an anticancer agent.


Health supplements with Radix Rhapontici extract are quite useful for lactating women and those who are suffering from inflammatory conditions. No side effects are associated with Radix Rhapontici extract use but it may result to adverse effects in cases of overdose.

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