Radix Stellaviae extract: Immunomodulatory for Effective Immunity

Radix Stellaviae extract

Radix Stellaviae extract: Immunomodulatory for Effective Immunity

The cosmetic field has originally took notice of the fast-rising health supplement ingredient Radix Stellaviae extract as it is shown to help slow down skin cell aging and promote resurfacing of new skin cells. This health effect has been confirmed in several quantitative researches, although not yet fully proven through studies which establish mechanisms of action of the compounds found in the extract. Many health studies have also show that the ingredient Radix Stellaviae extract may be very helpful in promoting vital body processes including blood circulation and inflammatory responses.  While phytochemical studies intended to determine the compound component of the extract are not yet fully established, many experts say that the health claims associated with the known components of Radix Stellaviae extract are very likely.

What is Radix Stellaviae extract?

Radix Stellaviae extract, also known as Bupleuri extract, is an herbal health supplement ingredient derived from the traditional Chinese medicinal herb Thorowax root. It is currently among the most common subjects of modern health researches as it was recently claimed to be a potential hepatoprotective agent or a component which helps prevent liver dysfunction and preserve healthy liver cells. The compounds in Radix Stellaviae extract are also said to help prevent cancer cell growth and development, although the types of cancer cells against which the extract my work are not yet fully known. There are many other claims associated with the use of Radix Stellaviae extract in the field of health supplementation but most of these claims are not yet fully backed by science.

Health benefits of using Radix Stellaviae extract

The use of Radix Stellaviae extract in the health supplement field has been received with various reactions. According to experts, the extract can be used safely within recommended doses. Other health benefits of using Radix Stellaviae extract include the following:

  1. It has immunomodulatory effects

As a heath supplement ingredient with immunomodulatory effects, Radix Stellaviae extract is said to help regulate immune system responses either by increasing production of macrophages and other immune-responses bodies or reducing their development to prevent excessive immune system symptoms. The benefit is very useful among patients who are at risk for excessive immunity responses.

  1. It helps protect heart and blood vessels

Some of the compounds in Radix Stellaviae extract are also shown to help protect the layers of the heart as well as blood vessels through certain activated patterns. The effects of Radix Stellaviae extract in atherosclerosis, however, is not yet known.

  1. It has antipyretic effects

Antipyretic medications help reduce fevers to prevent convulsions and other complications. In several health studies, experts have found that Radix Stellaviae extract may antipyretic health effects.


Radix Stellaviae extract is safe and effective for everyday use through health supplement formulations. It is advisable for use among adults.

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