Rauwolscine HCl: Weight loss-enhancing Compound for Better Living

Rauwolscine HCl

Rauwolscine HCl: Weight loss-enhancing Compound for Better Living

Potential weight loss supplements contain several compounds known to induce fat burning, prevent fat build-up and improve mood to enhance weight loss efforts. While most formulations require a combination of several ingredients to produce these effects, studies show that a compound known as Rauwolscine HCl can provide all these benefits on its own. Rauwolscine HCl has long been associated with the popular weight loss supplement ingredient Yohimbine. The chemical structure of Rauwolscine HCl and Yobimbine are almost similar in all respects and the health benefits of using one are also the benefits of using the other. There is, however, no proof as to the synergistic effects of using the compounds together in health supplement formulations.

What is Rauwolscine HCl?

Rauwolscine is a compound naturally occurring among varieties of plant species. Many health supplements include Rauwolscine extract in their formulations but due to difficulty in obtaining extract, Rauwolscine HCl has been the prime health supplement ingredient. Limited studies are available to prove the exact physiologic effects of using Rauwolscine HCl. In terms of fat burning enhancement, many experts suggest that it works not by inducing fat loss but by relieving the body from stress brought about by rapid metabolism. As an effect, the body is able to metabolize fats steadily without sudden interruptions brought about by cellular exhaustion. Certain mechanisms of action are also being subjected to studies to determine efficiency.

Health benefits of using Rauwolscine HCl

Many of the health benefits of using Rauwolscine HCl are associated with those of Yohimbine. In-depth clinical studies are required, however, to fully establish health claims as they are supported only by animal-subject qualitative researches. The following are among the most well-known benefits of using regulated doses of Rauwolscine HCl:

  1. It has aphrodisiac effects

Similar to Yohimbine, certain groups of scientists say that the compound Rauwolscine HCl has aphrodisiac effects. Animal subjects in health studies are observed to have improved sexual performance with regular Rauwolscine HCl supplementation as compared to those subjected to placebo drugs. Quantitative studies to determine efficiency of the compound in promoting aphrodisiac effects among humans are currently being conducted.

  1. It may enhance mood

Rauwolscine HCl is also believed to enhance mood, thereby leading to the development of another potential mechanism of action for weight loss promotion. In some studies, it is found that the ccompound is effective in improving hormonal balance.

  1. It may prevent lifestyle-related disorders

By promoting fat burning process, Rauwolscine HCl helps prevent development of many lifestyle-associated conditions such as Type II Diabetes Mellitus and some forms of cancers. It must be stressed, however, that the compound only prevents progression and development and is not intended to treat the condition.


Rauwolscine HCl is an effective compound for better weight loss efforts. It can be taken by adults, except by those who are suffering from serious medical conditions.

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