What Raw Ingredients Market Price Need To Focus On 5/15?

Raw Ingredients Price

What Raw Ingredients Market Price Need To Focus On 5/15?

Popular Raw Ingredients Market Price Update

Ingredient NameMarket PriceStock
N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine NAC Powder$24-28/kgUSA
Xanthan gum 80/200mesh Powder$16-18/kgUSA
Citric Acid Anhydrous 30-100 mesh$1.6-1.85/lbUSA
DL-Malic Acid Powder$3.5-5.5/kgUSA

What Ingredients Are Getting The Big Price Cuts?

L-Carnitine Base Powder

Recently, many manufacturers have cut prices of Carnitine Base Powder one after another. The market price is currently maintained at $16.5-18/kg (tonnage price). Now is the best time to get your hands on this ingredient.

Beta-Alanine Powder

In US warehouses, there is 1350kg of Beta Alanine Powder in stock. Valid until 2024/1/2.

R-(+)-α-Lipoic Acid Sodium Salt Powder

In the US warehouse, there is 20kg of R alpha acid sodium salt powder in stock. The validity period is until November 1st.

The above two ingredients are available at preferential prices. It is lower than the market price. Welcome to get a free quote now.

New Ingredient Introduction

Rhodiola Crenulata Extract 3% Salidrosides

This ingredient is the main rhodiola type currently on the market. The market price is generally higher than $22/kg. Another type of Rhodiola is Rhodiola Rosea Extract.

What is the difference between Rhodiola Crenulata Extract and Rhodiola Rosea Extract?

1. Differences in ingredients

According to the “Chinese Pharmacopoeia 2020 Edition”, the medicinal parts of Rhodiola are the roots and stems. The two active components of this plant-salidroside and total Rosavin, are mainly concentrated in the rhizome.

The rhizomes of Rhodiola grandiflora mainly contain salidroside (glycosides) and do not contain Rosavin. Rhodiola rosea rhizomes contain total Rosavin. In other words, the price of Rhodiola rosea powder (total rosavin) will be higher.

2. Name difference (Latin name)

The Latin name for Rhodiola rosea is Rhodiola crenulata (Hook. f. et Thoms.) H. Ohba.

The Latin name for Rhodiola rosea is Rhodiola rosea L.

Nutri Avenue US Warehouses Stock Update

Chasteberry Extract Powder

The popular specifications of this ingredient are as follows:

  • Chasteberry Extract Powder 4:1 (Vitex agnus)
  • Chasteberry Extract Powder 12:1 (Vitex agnus)

Currently, two specifications of chaste berry powder are in stock at US Warehouse. The market price is about $12-15/kg.

Apigenin Powder

A popular specification for this ingredient is Apigenin 98% HPLC. At present, there are still 25kg in stock in the US warehouse. The market price is about $328-335/kg.


All ingredients mentioned above are available on Nutri Avenue at wholesale price. As a professional raw supplement ingredients supplier, we are glad to support our customers in getting a large number of ingredients in bulk. Besides ingredients in this article, we also have various popular or rare ingredients on our official website. Welcome to get a free quote.



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