What Raw Ingredients Market Price Need To Focus On 5/27?

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What Raw Ingredients Market Price Need To Focus On 5/27?

Popular Raw Ingredients Market Price Update

Ingredient NameMarket PriceStock
L Carnitine HCL Powder$20-25/kgChina
L Carnitine Fumarate Powder$13.5-18/kgChina
L Carnitine Base Powder$18-22/kgUSA
L-5-Methyltetrahydrofolate Calcium Powder Methylfoca™$1,700-1,788/kgChina
Nopal Cactus Extract 10:1 Powder$18-22/kgUSA
MSM Powder 40-80 mesh (Methyl Sulfonyl Methane)$5-6.5/kgUSA

What Ingredients Have Promotion This Week?

Coenzyme Q10 COQ10 powder

The US stock of COQ10 98% powder is only the last 40kg. The market price of COQ 10 powder is about $225-250/kg. Nutri Avenue is now selling the final 40kg of Co Q10 powder at a reduced price. Welcome to get a free quote now.

Taurine with anti-caking agent powder

Taurine powder has two different forms, which are anti-caking taurine powder and taurine without anti-caking agent. And now, Nutri Avenue has almost 4,150KG Taurine with anticaking agent powder in the US warehouse. The market price of this ingredient is $2.2-3.5/kg. Nutri Avenue offers an under-market price to sell this ingredient. Welcome to get a free quote.

Great Supplement Raw Ingredients Recommendation

Vitamin E 1210 /1185 IU

Vitamin E D-Alpha Tocopherol Succinate 1210 has a spot stock of more than 1 ton in the US warehouse. And Vitamin E 1185 powder will be in stock next week. The market price of these two specifications of Vitamin E is $90-100/kg. Currently, VE 1210/1185 IU powder are new batches.

Quercetin Dihydrate Powder

A new batch of Quercetin Dihydrate 95% powder has arrived at Nutri Avenue’s US warehouse. The market price of this ingredient is $70-78/kg. Free sample available.

What New Ingredient Have Launched On Nutri Avenue?

D-Chiro Inositol Powder

The market price of D-Chiro Inositol powder 98% is $310-335/kg.

What is the difference between d chiro inositol and inositol?

D-chiro-inositol (DCI) and inositol are two closely related compounds with distinct roles in the body.

Inositol, including the prevalent form called myo-inositol, acts as a secondary messenger within cells and is involved in cellular processes such as signal transduction, cell membrane formation, and lipid metabolism. It is commonly used as a dietary supplement and has been linked to various physiological functions, including insulin signaling and neurotransmitter regulation.

On the other hand, D-chiro-inositol is an isomer of inositol that plays a crucial role in insulin signaling and glucose metabolism. It helps improve insulin sensitivity and glucose uptake, making it particularly relevant for individuals with conditions like insulin resistance and polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). DCI supplements are often used alongside myo-inositol to manage PCOS and regulate hormonal imbalances.

In summary, while inositol and D-chiro-inositol belong to the same family of compounds, they have distinct functions. Inositol serves as a secondary messenger and is involved in various cellular processes, while D-chiro-inositol specifically influences insulin signaling and glucose metabolism.

Which is better, DCI or inositol?

Inositol, particularly myo-inositol, has a broader range of applications and has shown promising results in conditions such as PCOS and anxiety disorders. It is widely available, well-tolerated, and generally considered safe for supplementation, making it a preferred choice for individuals seeking a versatile supplement with potential benefits across multiple areas.

On the other hand, D-chiro-inositol DCI powder has demonstrated specific efficacy in conditions related to insulin resistance, such as PCOS. It plays a crucial role in insulin signaling and glucose metabolism, making it beneficial for individuals with PCOS or insulin resistance. Supplementing with DCI alongside myo-inositol may offer additional benefits in regulating hormonal imbalances and supporting ovulatory function. Therefore, for individuals specifically dealing with insulin resistance or PCOS, D-chiro-inositol can be a preferred option.


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