Raw Materials and Related Exhibition Information 2022

raw materials exhibition

Raw Materials and Related Exhibition Information 2022

This article organizes the raw materials and related exhibition information to be held this year in the order of exhibition time for reference.

1. 2022 Western China Natural Extract Pharmaceutical Raw Materials and Innovative Raw Materials Exhibition

WPE&WHPE2022, whose full name is “Western China Natural Extracts, Pharmaceutical Raw Materials, and Innovative Raw Materials Exhibition, and Western International Health Products and Functional Food Exhibition,” was initially scheduled to be held on August 21-23, 2022. However, due to the epidemic, it has been postponed. The specific information is as follows:

Exhibition Time: September 7-9, 2022

Exhibition Position: Xi’an International Convention and Exhibition Center (Chanba)

Exhibition Official Website: www.wpe-whpe.cn


01 Exhibition Introduction

The WPE&WHPE2022 will be a top event full of vitality, with domestic and international accurate buyers and industry experts. Nearly 50,000 professional buyer resources help exhibitors expand business channels. The exhibition brings together high-quality manufacturers from different raw materials, such as natural extract, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics. And it also has other manufacturers from animal and plant extract equipment, pharmaceutical machinery, and related packaging and technology.

In western China, many high-quality manufacturers form a complete production and sales blockchain system. The solid industrial foundation has attracted buyers from China and worldwide to gather here yearly.

The Organizing Committee of The WPE&WHPE relies on the strong international network of international exhibition organizers to promote the in-depth development of the Chinese market through outstanding international and domestic exhibitors. The WPE&WHPE will play an essential role in the post-epidemic era and show successful industry solutions and future development trends. This exhibition will also focus on the changes in the industry. For example, production, logistics, sales, and communication methods change. They will help restore market momentum and establish new businesses.

02 Exhibition Scope

Natural extract raw materials: 

Vegetables, fruit extracts, plants, Chinese herbal medicine extracts, fungus extracts, antioxidants, anti-aging extracts, beverage raw material extracts, food additive extracts, slimming plant extracts, plant extracts for consumer products, production accessories, corn starch, bee products, pectin, pearls, fatty acids, hormones, dietary fiber, chondroitin sulfate, bovine colostrum, beneficial bacteria, silk peptides, sheep placenta, polyphenols, marine organisms, animal extracts substances, mineral extracts, animal protein, biotechnology, etc.

Pharmaceutical & innovative raw materials:

Pharmaceutical raw materials, botanical extracts, functional food raw materials, health products, dietary supplement raw materials, anti-cancer extracts, heat-clearing, and detoxifying extracts, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular extracts, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antiviral extracts, immune-enhancing extracts, hypotensive and hypoglycemic extracts, pharmaceutical intermediates, biological raw materials and products, pharmaceutical excipients and preparations, and other new raw materials.

Cosmetic raw materials:

Flavors and fragrances, beauty nutrition raw materials, skincare raw materials, daily chemical raw materials, hair care raw materials, other new chemical raw materials, etc.

Health products and functional foods:

Dairy products, nutritious meals, healthy drinks, protein-containing snacks, vegetarian food, rice products, palm oil-free, non-GMO nutritional products, seaweed, etc.

Health products:

Nutraceuticals, health food raw materials & ingredients, dietary supplements, functional drinks, botanicals, OTC, raw materials for marine products, animal-derived medicines, amino acids, vitamins, antioxidants, probiotics, bioactive ingredients raw materials, minerals & their finished products, health food ingredients, original functional foods & beverages, etc.


03 Western Advantage

The Exhibition has been recognized and supported by many authoritative institutions in Shaanxi and other provinces. The Shaanxi Provincial Department of Commerce, Shaanxi Provincial Council for the Promotion of International Trade, Shaanxi Provincial Food and Drug Administration, Shaanxi Provincial Plant Extraction Association, and other local authoritative institutions have provided the necessary support and safeguard for the perfect display. The Exhibition is based in western China and radiates the whole country. And it assists in promoting international trade and exchanges. The selection of Xi’an in western China has its inevitable multi-dimensional factors. There are more than 800 plant extract enterprises in Shaanxi Province. Shaanxi Province has a strong biopharmaceutical industry and a significant green fruit and vegetable product province. In the meantime, as a crucial city in west China, Xi’an provides unique advantages for the successful landing of large-scale international exhibitions because of perfect exhibition halls & supporting facilities, and the participation of international exhibition giants in the operation of the venues.

04 Exhibition Highlights

In the post-epidemic era, “innovation” and “reform” have become the consensus of the whole industry, and the biopharmaceutical industry is no exception. Compared with the 2021 exhibition, The WPE&WHPE2022 will show new highlights and features in four aspects: exhibition product range, technology application, research & development, business matching, and buyer matching.

Highlight 1: Continue to optimize the ScopeScope of exhibits and the layout of the exhibition area. 

In 2022, The WPE&WHPE will be divided into six themed exhibition areas with distinct themes according to the characteristics of the upstream and downstream industries. The six major exhibition areas are as below:

  • A big health-related products exhibition area
  • A functional food exhibition area
  • Medicine & food homologous products exhibition area
  • Natural health products area
  • Plant-based area
  • Production process equipment & packaging technology area

Exhibitors and professional audiences have distinct themes and will jointly form a complete production and sales blockchain system. The Exhibition will become the top event in China’s natural extraction field.

Highlight 2: The WPE&WHPE2022 will showcase the current global advanced technology applications and R&D technologies.

The Exhibition will show natural extraction, innovative raw materials, and naturally healthy food in the innovation and R&D area. The participating technical equipment enterprises will cover related industries such as pharmaceutical factories, organic food, homogenizers, and cosmetics, which will significantly enhance the market technology linkage.

Highlight 3: This Exhibition continues to draw on the previous Exhibition’s booming business matching and marketing aspects. 

At the same time, the organizer and the international giant digital group Global Data and its VMS overseas market development team again joined forces to provide customers with one-to-one overseas customer mining and cultivation services while matching overseas direct buyers.

Highlight 4: This Exhibition will continue to set up professional field summit forums.

The topics of these forums include:

  • Seminars on innovative products of healthy nutrition and diet and market trends.
  • Seminars on the theme of large-scale health and high-quality health products and innovative raw materials.
  • Seminars on cross-border e-commerce.
  • Forums related to supply chain management.

Transparent forum activities to achieve accurate one-on-one matching negotiations between buyers and exhibitors to better promote on-site cooperation.

2. FBIF Food Innovation Exhibition (ShenZhen)


Forum Name: FBIF2022 Food and Beverage Innovation Forum

Exhibition Name: FBIF Food Innovation Exhibition

Date: September 21-23, 2022 (3 days)

Exhibition Position: Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center (Bao’an District)

Exhibition Address: No. 1, Zhancheng Road, Fuhai Street, Bao’an District, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province

01 Exhibition Introduction

2022FBIF Food Innovation Exhibition is finally here! As a concurrent event of the FBIF Food and Beverage Innovation Forum, the FBIF exhibition will not only complement the forum. Still, it will also gather many exhibitors to showcase the vitality of food industry exhibitions with exclusive planning activities. Many highly innovative products, technologies, solutions, etc., will be displayed on the spot, striving to promote the innovation and development of the industry.

The FBIF Exhibition will be held at Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center (Bao’an) from September 21 to 23, 2022. The number of visitors is increasing at an average annual rate of 64.4% and is expected to exceed 21,000.

This exhibition area has been expanded to more than 36,000 square meters, accommodating more than 500 exhibitors because 500+ booths have been reserved. The exhibits cover dairy, beverages, snacks, wine, condiments, and other categories, as well as ingredients, packaging, marketing, and other directions’ solutions. Most of the audiences participating in previous sessions were senior executives of branded food companies. For example, the people who are the person in charge of one’s company’s R&D, product, and marketing. And participating brands included Yili, Mengniu, Nestle, Pepsi, Nongfu Spring, Coca-Cola, Mondelez, Yuanqi Forest, Jinmailang, and Jane Eyre. , Wangwang, Jiang Xiaobai, etc.

In addition, the five much-anticipated special planning event areas will also come this year, as always, with rich content and activities throughout the viewing journey.

02 Exhibition Area Map

FBIF Food Innovation Exhibition

03 Travel Guide

  • Subway

Metro Line 20, arrive at “Guozhan North Station” and go to exits C1 and C2

  • Bus

B892: Fuyong Qiaotou Comprehensive Station (from → to) Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center

M515: Fuyong Sanitary Supervision Station Station (from → to) Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center

  • Taxi

Drop-off point: the east side of the north landing hall of Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center

  • Airport Arrival

1, Arrive at Shenzhen Baoan International Airport

2, Choose Metro Line 11: Airport Station → Airport North Station

3, Transfer to Metro Line 20: Guozhan North Station (Exit C1, C2)

  • Self-driving

Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center P8&P9 underground parking lot (Used by High German Map)

After entering the parking lot, please pay attention to the on-site guidance and park in Area M or Area H.


Exhibition Time: October 31 to November 04, 2022

Opening Hours: 09:00 – 18:00

Exhibition Industry: Health Food

Exhibition Position: United States – Las Vegas – Mandalay Bay Convention Center

Holding Period: Once a year

Exhibition Area: 20,000 square meters

Exhibitors’ Number: 1300

Audiences’ Number: 15,000


01 Exhibition Introduction

SUPPLYSIDE WEST, an exhibition of plant extracts in the western United States hosted by Virgo Publishing Inc. in the USA, is a large-scale professional exhibition of pharmaceutical and health care product raw materials based on plant extracts, functional food & pharmaceutical & beauty cosmetics & health product raw materials.

It was held in New York in the east in the first half of 2022 and Las Vegas in the west in the second half of 2022, respectively. According to the survey, 82% of consumers said that the ingredients in the final product would affect their purchasing judgment. More and more manufacturers are looking for innovative and healthy ingredient products to meet growing customer demand and market share. SUPPLYSIDE WEST is an excellent platform for them.

02 Exhibits Scope

Raw materials for health products: 

Functional food raw materials, food supplement raw materials, raw materials for medicine and health products, raw materials for beauty cosmetics, etc.

Plant extracts: 

Plant extracts, animal extracts, vitamins, mineral extracts, hormone products, bee products, pectin, pearl powder, fatty acids, amino acids, hormones, dietary fiber, spices, chondroitin sulfate, bovine early Milk, beneficial bacteria, silk peptide powder, sheep placenta, collagen protein powder, protein powder, polyphenol progesterone


Lutein esters, Zeaxanthin, Propiodarone oil suspension

4. Pharmtech & Ingredients 2022

– International Exhibition of Equipment, Raw Materials and Technologies for Pharmaceutical Production

Exhibition Time: November 22-25, 2022

Exhibition Position: Moscow, Crocus Expo IEC, Hall 2

Exhibition Area: 14550 square meters

Exhibitors’ Number: 314+

Audiences’ Number: 4888+

Pharmtech & Ingredients 2022

01 Exhibition Introduction

In Russia and the EEU, Pharmtech & Ingredients is the largest international exhibition, showcasing equipment, raw materials, and technologies for manufacturing pharmaceuticals, nutritional supplements, blood products, and cosmetics.

Only at Pharmtech & Ingredients will exhibitors showcase a wide range of production and packaging equipment, laboratory equipment, technological solutions for creating turnkey pharmaceutical products, clinical trials, clean rooms, and pharmaceutical logistics. Visitors can see most of the products at the show, meet leading companies, consult their business solutions, learn about the latest industry developments, and network with other professionals.

02 Exhibited Items

  • Pharmatech
  • Manufacturing and General Equipment
  • Packaging Equipment and Materials
  • laboratory equipment
  • Element
  • Functional ingredients
  • Intermediate
  • Contract manufacturing of pharmaceuticals and pharmaceuticals


– India World Pharmaceutical Raw Materials Exhibition

This year’s CPHI adopts the “online + offline” method simultaneously.

Exhibition Time: November 29 ~ December 1, 2022

Opening Hours: 09:00 – 18:00

Exhibition Industry: Pharmaceutical

Organizer: Informa

Location: India – New Delhi – Plot No. 23 – 25 & 27 – 29 Knowledge Park II Gautam Budh Nagar Greater NOIDA – 201306 – India Expo Centre

Holding Period: Once a year

Exhibition Area: 235,000 square meters

Exhibitors’ Number: 1585

Audiences’ Number: 31,000


01 Exhibition Introduction

Informa holds the CPHI2022. And India CPHI is a global tour exhibition of pharmaceutical raw materials, pharmaceutical machinery and materials, and pharmaceutical packaging materials held by the world-renowned exhibition organizer UBM. This exhibition has been held since 2005. Due to the vigorous development of the Indian pharmaceutical market, it has attracted people worldwide. After more than ten years of development, it is now one of the largest and most prestigious professional exhibitions in international pharmaceutical raw materials in South Asia and even the world.

The last exhibition attracted more than 1,100 exhibitors from more than 100 countries and regions, including China, France, Germany, Italy, the United Kingdom, Japan, and Singapore. The exhibition scale and the number of exhibitors are both vast. During the exhibition, the number of visitors reached 36,000, and manufacturers and traders from various countries joined the exhibition to find business opportunities. The exhibition focuses on the latest products and technologies in various fields, such as pharmaceutical raw materials, machinery and equipment, medical packaging materials, and biomedicine.

02 Exhibits Scope


Vitamins, hormones, sulfonamides, antipyretic analgesics, tetracyclines, amino acids and their derivatives, chloramphenicol, digestive system drugs, other anti-infectives, penicillins, aminoglycosides, Linco Mycins, cardiovascular system drugs, antiparasitic drugs, cephalosporins, macrolides, respiratory system drugs, central nervous system drugs, other western medicine raw materials

Packaging equipment:

Pharmaceutical machinery, packaging machinery, packaging materials, pharmaceutical production equipment and technology, pharmaceutical packaging equipment, pharmaceutical packaging materials, pharmaceutical production, cleaning, disinfection configuration, and laboratory instrument systems

Pharmaceutical Products​: 

Various proprietary Chinese medicines, Western medicines, new medicines, special effects medicines, various APIs, chemical pharmaceuticals, pharmaceutical intermediates, biopharmaceuticals, traditional medicines, traditional Chinese medicines, herbal medicines, animal and plant extracts, veterinary medicines, food ingredients, and additives, etc.​

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